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coochie runtz

The Coochie Runts strain is a hybrid between the popular Girl Scout Cookies and God Bud phenotype. It is a potent indica-dominant strain that has a high THC content and strong medicinal properties. Coochie Runts has a sweet, earthy, and citrus flavor that is complemented by its frosty layer of trichomes. It is known for its intensely calming and relaxing effects, and its ability to alleviate stress, anxiety, pain, and depression without making users feel sluggish or losing focus. The strain is also great for boosting appetite and reducing nausea.

Coochie Runts is a fairly easy strain to cultivate, making it a good choice for new growers. It does well indoors and outdoors, and produces a high yield of dense, resinous buds. The flowering time averages 8-10 weeks indoors, and it tends to finish flowering around mid-October when grown outdoors. It is known for its heavy-weather resistance, making it a good strain to grow in climates with warmer temperatures.

Coochie Runts is a great strain for both experienced and novice users, as it delivers steady and subtle effects that are not overpowering. Its high THC content enables it to provide the user with a heady and euphoric experience that is accompanied by a deep relaxation. The strain is excellent for treating anxiety, pain, cramps, muscle spasms, and insomnia. It can also be used to elevate mood, reduce stress, and promote relaxation.

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Coochie Runts genetics

Runtz genetics are a major influence in the cultivation and medical marijuana industry. The Runtz strain originated on the West Coast in Los Angeles, California and has become a fan favorite for its sweet fruity flavor profile and purple hues.

Runtz genetics come from a combination of two popular strains, Zkittlez and Gelato. It is a hybrid strain with a THC content of up to 25%. The buds of Runtz are larger than the average bud and are dusted with an abundant amount of trichomes that give the strain its glittery appearance. The flavor profile features notes of multi-colored candy, sweet tangy fruit flavors, and a sour aromatic finish.

The Runtz strain is a popular choice for medical marijuana patients. Its high THC content and full-body relaxation effects make it ideal for patients dealing with chronic pain, anxiety, or nausea. Medical marijuana patients also find that the strain helps with muscle spasms and insomnia. Additionally, the Runtz strain can provide an uplift in mood due to its balanced terpene content.

Coochie Runtz is a cross between the two classic Runtz strains, Zkittlez and Gelato. Coochie Runtz was created by Dr. Dominate Genetics who are known for their commitment to creating unique and flavorful cultivars. Coochie Runtz has a complex flavor profile with notes of marshmallow, grape, and citrus. The buds are drenched in trichomes and have a light purpling hue.

The THC content of Coochie Runtz can reach up to 25%, which can provide a stimulating yet calming high. It is perfect for both the beginner and experienced users and can help to relieve symptoms of stress, depression, and anxiety. Medically, Runtz can help manage chronic pain, inflammation, muscle spasms, and nausea.

Runtz is a great addition to any grower’s garden. It is a hard-hitting strain that is easy to grow with an average flowering time of 9-10 weeks from seed to harvest. The plant prefers a warm, humid climate and does well both indoors and out.

Overall, Runtz is a potent and flavorful strain that will bring joy to any smoker. The cerebral and body effects will help ease your mind and body. Whether you’re looking for relief from medical conditions, stress relief, or just a nice treat to make the day go by a little bit smoother, Runtz is worth a try.

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  1. Laura Bethw

    helps me with anxeity, quality seems pretty good & i sleep great

  2. Hudson Lee

    Really like the taste and effects. One of my favorites.

  3. Ford Sawyer

    Excellent and worked better than expected

  4. David Dash

    Great taste and effective will definitely order again

  5. Wells Alden

    Great product.. Will purchase again.. Plus awesome customer service

  6. Mary Laird

    This product is amazing. It’s helped so much with my anxiety! I will be a customer for life.

  7. Mary Frances

    It was quite relaxing, after a long,10 hour day at work. Definitely helped me get some much needed sleep.

  8. Will Brock

    For years I have had trouble staying asleep. I’ve spent a lot of money trying different sleep aids with no good results and this seems to be working.
    It relaxes me and I know when I’m ready to sleep, I remain asleep.

  9. Charlie Clyde

    Very nice product! Tasty and pleasant . Good customer service. I’m very pleased

  10. Charlie Clyde

    very happy with the calm , relaxing effect

  11. John Andrew

    Much better than expected

  12. Laura Beth

    Absolutely amazing! Tastes great and calms me down

  13. Jack Carl

    Great for relaxing/sleeping…love these

  14. John David

    What a delight! Tastes great and actually helps me sleep.

  15. Avery James

    Great product at very reasonable price. I’ll be back.

  16. Sarah Jane

    Feel good and energized at the same time. Good value product

  17. John Henry

    Delicious, very potent great to help with my anxiety and sleep
    I will purchase again and again.

  18. Wells Alden

    definitely helped me to sleep, tastes good.

  19. John Preston

    they were great and gave me an extra bottle simply because they were late on shipping.

  20. Jack David

    Super customer service. Product is amazing

  21. Twyla Fay

    Sweet, delicious, and perfect for relaxing yourself into bed!

  22. Zack Alan

    We love them. The perfect end to a stressful day

  23. Emma Kate

    Awesome product! Really helps
    Me chill!!

  24. James Wyatt

    Great taste, relaxed mood, Will buy again for sure!

  25. Joe Allen

    Must buy!!!
    Amazing! Love these so much. They taste great and help me sleep 😊

  26. John Hayes

    Promote relaxation, stress down and help to sleep well!!

  27. Mary Frances

    I was surprised by the effectiveness these provided. The relaxation element was superior.

  28. Sarah Jane

    Helps my husband relax his knee at night.

  29. Bobby Jack

    Very pleased quality. Highly recommend.

  30. Laura Beth

    First time purchase, very satisfied.

    First time trying a cannabis product. Very relaxing feeling, and a pretty good buzz to go along with it. I will be trying it again.

  31. Don Michael

    Very helpful for sleeping and the taste is really good

  32. Frank Finn

    Great products Love the experience

  33. Wells Alden

    tastes good.

  34. John Michael

    These are very delicious and work great. It controls my pain most of the day. Also very fast delivery.

  35. Michael Mac

    Delicious, very potent great to help with my anxiety and sleep
    I will purchase again and again.

  36. Riley james

    Very good taste, I had wonderful sleep! I can’t wait for my next order to arrive!

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