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gas cake strain

The Gas Cake strain is an incredibly potent sativa-dominant hybrid whose genetics are a mystery. Its controlled bud structure, putrid gas-like aroma, and long-lasting energetic effects have made it a favorite among consumers.

Unlike some of the more potent varieties on the market, Gas Cake provides a relatively controlled high that will not leave you feeling overwhelmed and foggy. While it packs plenty of power, its effects are quite focused and provide a stimulating yet soothing effect. Users report feeling inspired, creative, and even a bit euphoric after smoking Gas Cake.

The buds of the Gas Cake strain are relatively dense and shaped like spades. When sliced open, its bud structure showcases a combination of vibrant purple and olive hues, particularly in certain phenotypes. It also produces a pungent aroma that many describe as a combination of rotting fruit, ammonia, and gasoline – definitely not a subtle smell.

Despite its strong aroma, Gas Cake is easy to manage when smoking. For a relatively potent strain, it produces a surprisingly smooth smoke and can provide an enjoyable experience for new and experienced users alike. Its effects typically last for 1-2 hours and its smoke is quite tasty, making it ideal for social settings.

With heavy effects that can provide even the most experienced users with a strong head and body high, Gas Cake is an excellent option for recreationalists and medical patients alike. It can be used to treat stress, pain, depression, and even appetite issues.

If you’re looking for a strong sativa-dominant hybrid strain with long-lasting effects, this might be just the strain you’re looking for. Its potency and aroma might be off-putting to some, but its effects and flavor profile make it a solid alternative for recreational and medical users alike.


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gas cake strain genetics

This strain is a hybrid cannabis strain with a unique combination of genetics. It was created by crossing two top-shelf strains, in particular, Wedding Cake, a hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie, and East Coast Sour Diesel, a sativa-dominant strain. The result of this combination is a high-powered, yet surprisingly balanced strain that produces a strong “gas” aroma and taste.

This buds  are round and dense and have a light green hue with sandy orange pistils visible throughout. On its own, the strain has an intense bouquet of fuel, skunk and diesel, but as it is often bred with other strains, a range of hop-like, citrusy, earthy, and skunky flavors and aromas may be present.

This strain carries a THC content between 21-25% and produces an energizing buzz that slowly comes on and lasts for hours at a time. The onset of effects can be felt in the front of the head, and behind the eyes, providing a comfortable sensation of relaxation and a sense of sedation. It can also produce a strong sense of mental clarity and heightened creativity, making it ideal for creative endeavors.

It can also be effective in helping to reduce pain and inflammation, while also providing relief from symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. Gas Cake may also be beneficial in treating digestive issues, as well as muscle spasms.

Due to its strong hybrid effects, this is suitable for use by novice and experienced users alike. Its aroma and taste, along with its combination of effects, make it a popular strain for both recreational and medical users.

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15 reviews for gas cake strain

  1. MayLola

    Taste great. They do the job then knock me out for a good day

  2. Olive-Ann

    Takes away anxiety, makes me more relaxed.

  3. Margaret mary

    GREAT product. VERY quick service! Will definitely be ordering again. Thank You!

  4. Olivia-Leigh

    I love the feeling of being totally relaxed. Highly recommended.

  5. RoseSienna

    These are really great. The taste is smooth and fruity. I like having them available and easy to carry.

  6. Mary-Jane

    helps me with anxeity, quality seems pretty good

  7. Cora-Lee

    super great. super affordable. My new go to.

  8. Laura-Beth

    It gives a pleasant feeling peaceful mood

  9. Jerald

    This strain is fire 🔥…will need to recommend y’all to my friends.
    Some people do sell fake budz which is not entertaining at all

  10. Ivy-Lee

    Love these! They do the trick, will order more!

  11. Kellie-Anne

    I love this product. It helps so much with my fibromyalgia pain . I am a believer!!!

  12. Lily-Ann

    Really helpful for my recently developed anxiety!

  13. Lily-Ann

    First time buyer
    Great product. Delivery took a couple days longer than the updates said, but all in all, very pleased.

  14. molly-mae

    Great purchase
    Excellent product, exactly what I was looking for Taste so good 😩

  15. Emma-Reese

    This was the 2nd brand of these that I have tried. The taste is much better but the effect could be increased.

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