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super runtz strain

Super Runtz is one of the hottest new strains on the market. Bred by Cookies Fam Genetics, this strain is a cross between the super sweet and powerful Runtz and the ever-delicious Zkittlez. The result is a super charged strain that offers up a sweet and sour flavor profile with gassy notes on the back end. A heavy hitter, Super Runtz packs a punch, with a THC average of 25%, though there are some with up to 30%.

The strain looks gorgeous with its heavy-handed coverage of trichome crystals and colourful buds of purple, green and orange hues. The effects hit hard and fast, providing an intense high that comes on quickly. The indica effects may sedate the user, creating a powerful calming experience that is great for winding down after a long day. Euphoria is common with Super Runtz, with a dreamy, cerebral high that soothes any ills.

Super Runtz is a great option for those who suffer from chronic pain, fatigue, stress and depression. Its potent properties can help to reduce inflammation, letting users move more freely while providing comfort from their symptoms. It can also be used as a medicine to reduce anxiety or help to get more restful sleep.

Super Runtz also has its place in the recreational world. It is great for social gatherings, creating a pleasant atmosphere, as well as for the solo smoker looking for a nice body high. Be warned though, as the effects of this strain can easily be overwhelming. Make sure to start with a low dosage, as it’s much easier to smoke more than it is to put the genie back in the bottle.

The Super Runtz strain can be found in dispensaries around the world, so do ask your local budtender for some. They might even have some in the store! Give this strain a try for yourself and enjoy the wonder and beauty of this sweet and sour treat.


Super Runtz strain is a fan-favorite cross of two exotic varieties that provides an intensely flavorful experience. A Sativa-leaning hybrid, this hybrid is characterized by a powerful flavor that includes notes of fruit, pine, and a hint of skunky spice. Super Runtz is beloved for its creative and energetic head high, making it a great strain for daytime adventures or creative projects.

This hybrid was created by crossing Runtz with a super-potent, unknown strain – bringing out a unique, one-of-a-kind flavor profile. The exact genetic components remain a mystery, but this strain is especially sought after for its loud and delicious aroma.

Super Runtz begins with an uplifting rush. Smokers may feel a blast of creativity that allows them to explore new ideas. As the buzz continues, an awakening euphoria fills the body, granting an increase in energy and improved focus.

Craving a good mood and a sweet smoke session? Super Runtz is the perfect choice. Balanced between an energized stimulation and calming relaxation, it’s a great strain to explore the great outdoors or engage in creative pursuits.

Patients battling pain, stress, and depression may also find relief with this strain’s long-lasting effects. You can expect to feel the effects of this strain for several hours after consumption.

Overall, Super Runtz is best reserved for experienced smokers due to its potency. As with most Sativa-leaning hybrids, this strain may cause dry mouth and eyes — so be sure to stay hydrated before and after use.

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