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jelly roll strain

This marijuana strain is an indica-dominant hybrid from breeder MMC Grows, which is a cross between two heavy hitting strains, Cookies & Cream and Gelato. this marijuana weed has been gaining traction in recent years for its tantalizing aroma and powerful effects. This strain contains a moderate high THC level that averages in the mid-20s.

this strain has a strong indica influence, with a balanced blend of both indica and sativa strong traits. Sweet and creamy aroma, Strawberry, Cream, Berries, Earthy, Woody, all come together to make the overall aroma profile of this weed strain. The aroma is terrific and transcends into a bouquet of flavors ranging from sweet cream to sweet berries.

The powerful cerebral effects of this strain are powerful, yet balanced. Initially, users experience an incredibly euphoric rush that soon subsides and is replaced with a relaxed and happy wakefulness. Both your mind and body will be blissfully calm and in a pleasurable state of relaxation. However, there is enough mental clarity that allows you to concentrate on mundane tasks and social activities without issue.

The intensity of the high make it excellent for late in the evening when all you want to do is chill. It can make people feel sleepy which makes more relaxing activities like watching movies etc. more enjoyable with an additional kick. Many people have used this to enhance their evening barbecue or pack a picnic, as well as for creative activities.

The powerful, balanced effects of this makes it an excellent strain for treating a variety of mood disorders including anxiety, depression, stress, and PTSD. It also has analgesic properties that make it great for treating chronic pain.

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jelly roll strain genetics

This strain is a hybrid created from a mix of Orange Velvet and Purple Urkle, two of the West Coast’s most popular strains. The result of crossing these two is a hybrid that is perfect for those seeking a mildly sedative effect without putting them right to sleep. This strain has an unmistakable sweet, citrus flavor and aroma with hints of grape.

When it comes to the genetics of this Strain, Orange Velvet contributes the most. This potent strain isfrom a combination of Orange Crush and Space Queen, and is known for its sweet, skunky smell and flavor. On the other hand, Purple Urkle is a classic West Coast strain known for its sweet grape aroma and flavor.

Something unique about this strain is that it inherited the blue coloring of Purple Urkle but adds an even darker hue due to the tannin the strain produces. When cultivated properly, this strain can also produce beautiful colors of purple that are sure to impress even the seasoned cannabis connoisseurs.

The THC content of this strain falls in at 15-20%. Thanks to the slightly higher CBD levels of 1-2%, the effects are mild and provide a gentle relaxation without that classic knock-out punch of an indica-dominant hybrid. Medical users may find this strain useful for calming things down after a stressful day, easing those muscle spasms, uplifting their overall mood, and allowing for better sleep at night.

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