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zacks pie strain

The Zacks Pie strain is an indica-dominant hybrid created by breeders from Colorado, known for its sweet and berry-laden flavor profile and calming effects. This strain is a blend of two popular indica varieties: Granddaddy Purps and Blackberry Kush. Granddaddy Purps is a fan-favorite medical strain, known for its earthy berry flavors and full-bodied effects. Blackberry Kush is an indica variety known for its tart berry flavors, physical relaxation, and mental tranquility.

The Zacks Pie strain is a combination of the two traditional indica varieties, creating a balanced and flavorful strain. It has bold dark green buds with hints of purple and sparkling trichomes, making it visually stunning. The scent and flavor of the strain are sweet and rich with tangy berry notes on the exhale.

The effects of Zacks Pie are powerful and relaxing. Like many other indicas, it can cause users to become sedated after extended use, making it an excellent choice for nighttime use. It is also known to make those who use it very creative and agreeable, making it a popular choice for parties and social gatherings.

The medical benefits of Zacks Pie are vast. Its powerful sedative effects make it great for helping with insomnia, pain, and other sleep-related issues. It also benefits those with anxiety and stress due its calming effects. Medical marijuana users with muscle spasms or headaches also find relief with this strain.

Zacks Pie is a great strain to grow, as it is easy to cultivate and is very resistant to pests and other environmental threats. It is also known for its large yields, making it a popular choice with experienced growers. For novice growers, it is highly recommended as a starter strain.

In conclusion, the Zacks Pie strain is one of the most popular indica-dominant hybrids today. It makes users very creative and upbeat while providing them with physical relaxation and a sense of tranquility. Its sweet, berry flavor and thick smoke are sure to please even the most discerning connoisseurs, while its excellent medical values make it a great choice for medical patients as well.


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zacks pie strain genetics

The Zacks Pie strain of cannabis is an Indica-dominant hybrid that offers a potent experience and a flavorful taste. It is a cross between the popular Pie Face OG strain and the equally popular Sour Snap strain. The result is a flavorful and potent hybrid that can provide a wide range of effects experience depending on the user.

This strain offers an aromatic sweet and sour flavor profile, with notes of lemon and berry. It also has a strong hash-like aroma, which gives it an interesting and unique flavor. It has a strong potency that offers a powerful and uplifting effect, making it ideal for those who want a heavy-hitting, cerebral high.

Zacks Pie has a short flowering time of 7–9 weeks, which makes it an easy and reliable crop for growers. This strain grows tall and has medium to large buds. Its yields are heavy, and it’s highly productive to ensure a good return on time and money spent.

When it comes to genetics, Zacks Pie is a 70/30 Indica dominant strain. Its parent strains are Pie Face OG (Indica) and Sour Snap (Sativa). This combination of genetics creates a unique mix of effects, which should appeal to all types of users seeking a powerful yet flavorful cannabis experience.

For medical patients, this strain offers powerful pain relief as well as stress and depression relief. It can also help to reduce inflammation, ease muscle tension, and provide a sense of relaxation. It’s also used to help combat insomnia and fatigue.

Overall, Zacks Pie is an ideal strain for both recreational and medical users. Its potent effects and flavorful aroma make it an appealing choice for those seeking a powerful and flavorful experience.

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