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wizard trees strain

Wizard trees is an indica dominant hybrid strain of cannabis that is known for its combination of rich earthy aromas and powerful body effects. It is a cross between the strains Pineapple OG and Northern Lights, and is known for producing large yields of dank buds that have a pungent, skunky aroma. Wizard trees is a strain that is especially helpful for those dealing with stress or insomnia, as its powerful indica effects can provide a relaxing, sleepy effect that can help lull users to sleep. Its aroma is skunky, citrusy, and earthy, and its dense buds are covered in thick patches of trichomes. These trichomes are what give this strain its powerful effects, as they contain high amounts of both THC and CBD. The flavor is a mix of pungent skunk, sweet citrus, and dank earth, all of which combine together to create an enjoyable experience. Wizard trees is a great strain to have on hand if you’re looking for powerful, restful effects that will keep you mellow and relaxed for several hours.

Wizard Trees is an exciting new strain of genetics, created through the combination of two legendary cannabis varieties. The strain was bred from a pheno-hunted Cambodian Purple and a pheno-hunted Bruce Banner cut. This combination of two powerful cannabis varieties has created a new and distinct flavor profile and user experience.

The Cambodian Purple was the parent of the strain known as the Purple Genes. This popular variety is known for its earthy flavor and intense euphoria. The Bruce Banner cut, on the other hand, is a preferred variety of the Chemdawg family. This strain is marked by a potent mix of earthy, diesel, and pine flavors. By combining these two legendary genetics, Wizard Trees creates an impactful terpene profile that results in a truly unique user experience.

The effects of the Wizard Trees strain are known to be very balanced. The high typically begins with a euphoric and uplifting feeling, while later resulting in a calming and relaxing feeling overall. This is attributed to its moderate THC content (14-18%) that isn’t too overwhelming but also enjoyable, allowing the user to be quite in control while still having a good time.

Wizard Trees is a strain versatile enough to be used in the morning, during the day, or even at night. It can be used to provide a motivating energy boost before starting the day, allowing for a productive day ahead. For those wanting to relax in the evening and catch a movie, the Wizard Trees strain is perfect for providing a mellow experience that will not overpower but still be enjoyable.

Wizard Trees is a powerful strain that is sure to be enjoyed by cannabis enthusiasts of all levels. Its complex flavor profile and balanced effects make it a must-try and a welcomed addition to the cannabis community.

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