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runtz x litty

Litty x Runtz is the renowned collaboration of two of California’s finest. Coming from two heavily respected brands, the collaboration has become one of the most sought after in the West Coast.

The partnership began in 2018, and Litty and Runtz created a couple of highly coveted strains together. The first batch of Litty x Runtz included Wedding Crasher, which is a strain bred from Wedding Cake and Purple Punch, as well as Heavy On The Fruit, a cross between Raskal OG and Gushers. Both of these limited edition strains have been extremely popular in California, boasting amazing aroma and flavor, potency, and visual appeal.

The collaboration since has grown to include other strains like Baked Goods and Slurricane, all with high terpene profiles and intense, dank aromas. But true to the signature of the strain, each flower released under the Litty x Runtz label has some common terpenes – Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Linalool – found in the majority of their products, providing the common flavor and smell profile expected by users.

This collaboration stands out in more ways than one. With pesticide-free flower cultivated in a clean environment, both Litty and Runtz have put a strong emphasis on quality and consistency. Along with the carefully formulated genetics and terpene profile, the two brands collaborated to form Solvents, a propylene-glycol-free vape additive with intense flavor profiles and a higher terpene percentage.

If you’re looking for something special and reliable, look no further than Litty x Runtz. This collaboration is here to stay, and it’s ready to make an impact in the world of California cannabis.


runtz litty

this strain genetics is a mellow and sweet cannabis strain created by crossing Gelato and Zkittlez. The end result is an uplifting and balanced hybrid offering a stimulating mental buzz as well as a very pleasant physical relaxation.

this strain expresses itself in a variety of ways, each with an abundance of trichomes and a tantalizing flavor. The unique sweet and sour aroma of this strain encapsulates a mixture of berry, orange, and grape flavors, giving the strain a truly one-of-a-kind taste. Following the initial mental stimulation, a feeling of physical relaxation will settle in due to the high levels of CBN present in this strain.

this strain is an ideal strain for daytime or evening usage, depending on the dosage. Whether it be for recreation or medical reasons, this strain can be used to improve mood and provide a boost of energy with its uplifting effects. Consumers of this strain appreciate its sweet and fruity taste. As well, its high levels of terpenes can induce calming and sedative effects.

this strain is known for its high yields and resistance to pests and mold. It is easy to grow and flourishes in temperate climates. This strain is popular among growers because of its potency and desirable effects.

In conclusion, this strain  genetics is an upbeat, balanced hybrid strain offering stimulating mental energy. This strain offers consumers an awesome taste without compromising on its effects. Whether it be for recreational or medicinal purposes, this strain is sure to satisfy its users with its blissful effects and fragrant flavors.

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