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jungle sunset strain

The Jungle Sunset Strain is a potent and highly sought-after hybrid cannabis variety. This exciting mix of sativa and indica genetics produce a balanced and energizing high that blends body and mind effects. The flavor of Jungle Sunset is a pleasant and pungent blend of sweet berry and earthy spice, registering a THC potency of 17-20%.

Jungle Sunset is a cross of Forum Cookies and Juicy Fruit, two successful and high-quality strains in their own right. This is an uplifting blend that combines the sharp, cerebral boost of the Forum Cookies with the tranquilizing, full-bodied effects of Juicy Fruit. The end result is a potent and balanced hybrid strain, perfect for both novice and experienced cannabis users.

Jungle Sunset is known for creating a euphoric and clear-headed high that combines the best of both its Indica and Sativa parents. Its effects start with a mental buzz that stimulates creative and social thoughts. This is quickly followed by a sense of overall relaxation that clears the mind and calms the senses. This strain is particularly good for users looking for daytime relief from symptoms like stress, trouble sleeping, and anxiety.

Physically, Jungle Sunset delivers a strong sense of full-bodied calm. You may feel your neck and back muscles tense and then relax as you slip into a state of tranquil comfort. This strain should heighten your physical senses, creating an overall feeling of enhanced pleasure.

Whether you’re looking for powerful relief from physical pain, or just want to enjoy a pleasurable and balanced high, Jungle Sunset is sure to deliver. It’s an ideal blend for users looking to explore and experience the multiple benefits of hybrid cannabis.


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jungle sunset strain genetics


Jungle Sunset is a predominantly sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a saucy terpene profile and sun-kissed flavor. This 100% feminized seed strain has become popular in part due to its invigorating, cheerful effects that can be felt in the body and the mind. It’s a result of crossing Tropimango, Platinum Purple and Tangie Orange, and is a unique strain that has a great buildup of effects.

The buds of Jungle Sunset produce a potent aroma, with hints of orange, mango, and slightly spicy undertones. As far as the flavor profile, you’ll get notes of orange, lemon, and a bit of sweetness on the exhale. But the most notable feature of this strain is the heavy hit of concentrated terpenes.

When it comes to the effects, it’s a well-balanced high that uplifts your mood without impairing your motor skills too much. It’s a strain that increases your focus and creativity, while in turn, calming and soothing your body. This means Jungle Sunset can be great for managing stress or fatigue, while also having enough power to put a stop to nausea and pain.

In order to fully understand what makes Jungle Sunset such a unique strain, it’s important to look at its genetic background. This is a 100% feminized seed strain, so you can expect only female plants once it has been grown. Jungle Sunset’s parent strains are Tropimango, Platinum Purple, and Tangie Orange. The result was a strain with an equal percentage of sativa and indica genetics.

This strain is a great choice for anyone looking for a combination of psychoactive effects, medicinal benefits, and a wonderful flavor. It has a high THC level that averages around 22%, and a low CBD level of around 0.3%.


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23 reviews for jungle sunset strain

  1. Aaron Jay

    These are great. Better than others I’ve tried. They taste great and gave a nice, smooth feeling.

  2. Aiden Carter

    Work great to help relax without zoning you out

  3. Jonathan James

    Very good quality! Would highly recommend!

  4. Charlie Clyde

    Love the taste! I was able to get good sleep and feel rested and relaxed The next morning.

  5. Jimmie Dale

    Tastes great, shipped quickly and makes for great sleep. Would highly recommend.

  6. Riley Rose

    Great product. Works just like it’s supposed to

  7. Axel Luca

    I take one of these every night before bed and I sleep better than anything else I’ve tried

  8. Marcia Bobbie

    They do make me sleepy more so than I was expecting. I do think they taste great. The feelings I enjoy from them is chill,calm

  9. Ford Sawyer

    Happy Customer

    Great product. Effects for me were calmness and general feeling of well being. Helps with sleep also. Quick shipping and overall nice customer service.

  10. Harper Faith

    best sleep and always wake up feeling refreshed.

  11. John Moss

    These are great, and helped me get the sleep that I need!

  12. Hayden Hunter

    Great taste and helps me to relax and get a restful sleep.

  13. Jimmie Dale

    My main priority is sleep, and it worked fine.

  14. Tressa Gail

    Love it!! It’s my go to during the day. Thanks!!

  15. Jimmie Dale

    Flavor is great, top quality stuff

  16. Emma Kate

    Works amazing! Helps me with my never ending insomnia! Thinking of trying more of their products!!

  17. Austin Brooklyn

    Great taste, relaxing sleep. Legit product. Easy ordering, fast delivery

  18. Celia Rose

    Very good taste, very good sleep, I liked it.

  19. Emma Grace

    Sleep, effects, and taste were all 10 out of 10! I ordered the triple pack after my first try. Immediately helped my headaches and sleep. Looking forward to my next batch!

  20. Heaven Leigh

    Great product fast and friendly communication. Highly recommended

  21. Daisy Jade

    Taste is incredible. Long-lasting effects. This will be my product of choice!

  22. Eddie Wayne

    These things do the job. Great service as usual.

  23. Bella Grace

    These things do the job. Great service as usual.

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