Wham Lil Baby

Wham Lil Baby is a top-shelf strain that provides an exceptionally potent high. Its THC content is quite high, ranging from 22% to 28%. This strain is unique in its effects as it does not produce a heavily sedative high. Instead, the high begins with a strong euphoria that quickly transitions into a deep and calming body buzz. The high eventually turns into a creative and uplifting mental clarity.

The smell of this strain is a sweet, fruity combination of strawberry and banana, leading to its name. It also has a subtle, earthy skunky smell.

The taste is much like its smell, with a sweet banana and strawberry taste as well as an earthy, skunk-like taste on the exhale. This strain also has a very pungent aroma.

Wham Lil Baby is an indica-dominant strain, meaning it will help to relax the user and relieve both physical and mental stress. It is also an ideal strain for those looking to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, improve sleep, and reduce feelings of depression or anxiety.This strain is also perfect for users who want to stay up tranquilly and get creative.

Wham Lil Baby is a great strain all around, and its potent effects make it a great option for both experienced and novice cannabis consumers. It is available at many dispensaries, so be sure to check out this strain if you’re looking for an energetic and creative high.

Wham Lil Baby