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super lemon cherry strain

Super Lemon Cherry is an Indica-dominant strain of cannabis sourced from Lemon Skunk and Black Cherry Soda. The strain is bred by Seedsman and it delivers significant amounts of THC, sometimes testing up to 24%. Super Lemon Cherry also has an ongoing metabolism meaning users can enjoy their effects for hours on end.

Lemon Cherry induces an almost immediate body buzz of relaxation and sedation. Its analgesic effects combined with its strong cerebral effects can leave you in a state of bliss, making this strain perfect for both nighttime and daytime use. Aromatically, this strain carries a sweet, tangy, and slightly sour aroma of lemons and cherries. Buds of this strain are bright green in color and look glazed with an abundance of trichomes.

Medicinal users can benefit from  Lemon Cherry’s pain relief, as well as its ability to reduce inflammation, decrease anxiety, and help with stress and depression.

In conclusion,  this an enticing strain with potent levels of THC. It has a sweet, almost candy-like smelling and flavor and is extremely potent. Medicinal users will also be delighted with the effectiveness of this strain’s multiple therapeutic effects. Although a bit too sedating for those looking for a day-time high, this is an ideal Indica for those looking for a mental and physical escape and help with medical conditions.

super lemon cherry strain genetics

The Super Lemon Cherry strain is a unique sativa-dominant hybrid that has gained popularity for its unique flavor and stimulating effects. Its genetics origin can be traced back to Sour Diesel and Cherry Pie, which are two of the most sought-after strains in the cannabis world. The resulting hybrid has an intense flavor of sweet lemon and cherries, and the effects often start slowly with a relaxed feeling that builds to an energizing and stimulating high.

This strain has a THC content that ranges from 10-15%. Its effects are most commonly described as creative and uplifting. It is popular for daytime use because of its energizing effects that may help with motivation and motivation during creative tasks.

When it comes to this strain genetics, it is thought to be a cross between Sour Diesel and Cherry Pie. Sour Diesel is a beloved sativa-dominant strain that provides a powerful burst of energy and creativity. Cherry Pie is an indica-dominant hybrid that is known for its sweet and sour flavor and its strong sedating body high. The combination of the two parent strains produces a strain that leans toward the sativa side and offers a unique flavor profile and stimulating effects.

This strain has a high trichome content that helps show off its unique flavor and effects. It is a great strain for those who are looking for a strong sativa-dominant hybrid that provides a stimulating and energizing experience. Whether you’re feeling unmotivated or need a creative boost, Super Lemon Cherry is the perfect strain for the job.

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