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perfect triangle strain

This strain is an uplifting hybrid that has become popular in recent years. This three-way cross of Triangle Kush, Deadhead OG and Animal Cookies is a unique blend that offers a cerebral energizing effect, combined with a relaxing body high. this strain was crafted by Philadelphia-based company Reeferman Seeds.

The smell and taste of the this is a unique, combining sweet, earthy and pungent aromas. The taste is reminiscent of woody herbs and spices, with a hint of citrus. The buds of this strain are beautifully colored with high contrast light and dark purple colors, with yellow and green undertones.

The effects of this strain are strong and long lasting. It starts with an energizing euphoria that can easily become overwhelming. It can also induce a strong cerebral high with a strong tingling sensation, which can be quite calming. The body high provides soothing relaxation, helping to relieve pain and muscle tension. The effects are usually described as uplifting, with a clear and focused wakefulness allowing users to interact socially with confidence.

Overall, this strain can be used to uplift moods, alleviate stress, and usher in an energy boost. This strain can also offer a nice balance to a more sedative strain if looking to extend sleep cycles. When grown under optimal conditions if further expands its effects to sharper focus and increased creativity.

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perfect triangle strain genetics

The Perfect Triangle strain is a popular strain among hybrids, offering a carefully balanced combination of effects that can be applied to multiple situations.

Genetically, the Perfect Triangle strain is a combination of Triangle Kush and Animal Mints. It has a high potency, offering an average of 25% THC and almost 1% CBD with a citrusy aroma.

The Triangle Kush is a pure Indica strain, a breeding of two well-known parent strains, the popular OG Kush and an Afghani landrace. It is known for its deep relaxation and sedative effect, making it helpful for insomnia and chronic pain relief.

Animal Mints is a combination of two popular strains, the GMO Cookies and the legendary Thin Mint Cookies. It is a powerful indica-dominant strain offering high levels of relaxation. Its potent effects are perfect for managing pain relief and helping with stress.

The Perfect Triangle strain is specially bred to get the perfect balance between the parents, Triangle Kush’s sedative effects and Animal Mints relaxation, resulting in a psychedelic effect that is calming yet stimulating. As a result, Perfect Triangle can be beneficial for a variety of medical conditions, such as chronic pain, insomnia, depression, and anxiety.

Overall, this strain is an evenly balanced hybrid with an excellent genetic profile, offering a combination of medical relief and recreational effects via its perfectly combined parents.


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