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In January 1994, Allen appealed the custody case. It was dismissed by the New York State Court of Appeals in May, and was ordered to pay about $1.2 million in legal fees for Mia Farrow. Editor`s note: This article has been updated to include additional legal analysis. Shortly after Farrow`s 1992 allegations that Allen had sexually abused Dylan, Allen filed a custody lawsuit in upstate New York. Allen and Farrow were not married, so the custody case was heard as a separate legal case in civil court. “We find it completely unacceptable that Mr. Allen took them at a time when he was formally assuming legal responsibility for two of Ms. Previn`s siblings. Mr.

Allen`s distinction between women. Farrow and Dylan`s other children, Satchel and Moses, are lost in this court. Among those who supported Allen were Barbara Walters and Diane Keaton,[160] as well as Javier Bardem, Jude Law, Alec Baldwin, and Bill Maher. [161] [162] [163] [164] Cherry Jones said, “There are those who feel comfortable in their certainty. I`m not. I don`t know the truth. If we instinctively condemn, our democracy is on a slippery slope. [165] Scarlett Johansson said, “I love Woody, I believe him and I would work with him anytime. She added: “I see Woody whenever I can and I`ve had a lot of conversations with him about it. I`ve been very direct with him, and he`s very direct with me. He protests his innocence, and I believe him.

[166] Emily Mortimer said, “I believe in due process. I think these things really have to go through all the legal processes before anyone can judge. I don`t really have an answer to those questions. [167] When Christiane Amanpour asked Cate Blanchett about the allegations against Allen, she replied, “At the time, I said it was a very painful and complicated situation for the family, which I hope will be able to resolve,” adding, “If these allegations need to be reviewed, which I understand they have done in court, So I am a firm believer in the judicial system and precedent-setting. If the case is to be reopened, I wholeheartedly support it. [168] Kate Winslet declined to comment on the case, stating, “As an actor in the film, you just walk away and say, I really don`t know anything, and whether it`s all true or false. After thinking everything through, you put it aside and just work with the person. However, she described the experience of working with Allen as “extraordinary.” [169] She then changed her attitude: “It`s like, what did I do to work with Woody Allen and Roman Polanski? It`s amazing to me how these men have been held in such high regard in the film industry and for as long as they have been. It`s damn shameful. And I have to take responsibility for working with both. I can`t go back.

I struggle with this regret, but what do we have if we are not able to be damn honest about all this? [170] Javier Bardem said, “I am very shocked by this sudden treatment. Verdicts in New York and Connecticut declared him innocent. I don`t agree with the public lynching he received, and if Woody Allen called me to work with him again, I`d be here tomorrow morning. He`s a genius. [171] [172] Alan Alda said, “I would work with him again if he wanted me. I am not qualified to condemn him. I do not know all the facts. I do not know if he is guilty or innocent. But you can be insecure – that`s what I do. I just don`t have enough information to convince myself that I shouldn`t work with him.

And he`s an extremely talented guy. [173] Michael Caine, who initially expressed regret for working with Allen and stated that he would never work with him again,[174] later said, “If he had a lawsuit and someone proved he had done something, I wouldn`t do it, no. But I didn`t read that he was on trial and convicted, fined or sent to jail or anything like that. These are all things that people say. You can`t listen to hearsay all the time. [175] [176] Jeff Goldblum stated, “I think there is a presumption of innocence until proven guilty. I also admire his work. So I would consider working with him again until I learned a little more. [177] Larry David, who read Allen`s autobiography Speaking of Nothing, called it “a fantastic book, so funny.

You feel like you`re in the room with him.

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