This Statement Is an Example of What Type of Assertion

Often they are made out of passion and without full consideration of the facts of a situation. For example, a character may make a passionate statement about his desire for another (as in the example of Henry VI, Part III cited below). In response, the object of his affection could respond positively or negatively with his own affirmation. In the following exchange, found in Act III, scene 2 of Henry VI, Part III, Lady Grey and King Edward use an example of a claim. Edward says: Example: I want you to listen to what I say. This strong statement is confident, determined and without a doubt. This can be done in relation to any belief or fact and to express someone`s idea or feelings. Claims can appear in novels, short stories, speeches, plays, and even poetry. Also, it is incredibly common for people to make claims in their daily lives. It conveys sympathy to someone and usually consists of two parts: the first is to acknowledge the other person`s feelings or situations, and the second is a statement that shows support for the other person`s point of view, feelings, or rights, such as: Look at his language, where he gives them obvious information, that they have already acknowledged, and no one can oppose it. Thus, no one challenged his request.

If someone does not respond to your basic complaint, that claim occurs. It usually involves or mentions a resultant action after several assertive statements have been made. Example: I know you`re always upset about what happened at school, but I`m sure your classmate is even more upset about what you did. Claims for arguments` sake, while claims are not. The first should be based on some kind of fact, and if not, it can be shot down. With the claims, the speaker simply has to believe them, and that is valid. They are much more energetic and determined than the demands. Trofimov reasoningly asserts the folly of their pride, since man is a “rather poor physiological specimen”, they are in misery and “the only thing to do is to work”. Although he has been pessimistic about people`s current situation, he is beginning to be optimistic about their future.

He expresses this idea with affirmation and reproaches Russian intellectuals for not even knowing the meaning of work. It is a simple and straightforward statement to express feelings, opinions, and beliefs such as: The following lines are spoken by Desdemona in Act Five, Scene 2 of Shakespeare`s tragedy Othello. She talks to Othello and tries to convince him with the following lines that she has done nothing wrong, despite everything Iago has told her. Elizabeth hides her surprise at the news of Darcy`s plan to marry her. When Lady Catherine opposes this marriage because the Bennets have weak relationships and their marriage would ruin Darcy`s position in front of her friends and society, Elizabeth tries to defend her family background by claiming: This is used when negative feelings or emotions are expressed or expressed. It is also a 3-part statement like 1) describes the behavior, 2) describes how the behavior affects you, and 3) describes what you want. Writers use claims when they want to make clear and passionate statements or want their characters to make them. They leave no room for misinterpretation or confusion in the minds of other characters or the reader. Example: If you don`t listen to what I`m saying, I feel unimportant and neglected. I want you to pay attention and listen to me every time I say something. Claims are strongly formulated and delivered statements that present someone`s point of view to readers or listeners.

Depending on the topic, an affirmation may be something the listener wants to hear or something they resist. A claim is a strong statement that someone makes. It is said as if it were true, even though it may not be true. In this popular poem by Niki Giovanni, the poet uses the following lines: These lines are used to affirm that the old song “Beasts of England” is no longer necessary. No one can dispute this statement, for they all recognize that they are in a very different, less revolutionary place than in Chapter I. She uses these words when she dies, claiming that she never did anything unpleasant during their relationship. Othello, who killed her furiously, is blinded by emotion. The whole tragedy could have been avoided if Othello had been clear enough to ignore Iago`s claims that Desdemona had betrayed him. When someone makes a statement firmly believing it as if it were true, even though it may not be true, they are making a claim.

Affirmation is a stylistic approach or technique that involves a strong statement, a powerful or confident and positive statement about a belief or fact. Often this is without evidence or support.

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