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Vijaya Gadde (born 1974)[1] is an American attorney who is general counsel and head of legal, policy, and trust at Twitter. [2] [3] Its role includes addressing issues such as harassment, misinformation and harmful speech. [4] [5] She is known for her involvement in Twitter`s decisions and policies, such as the decision not to sell political ads during the 2020 U.S. presidential election, her approach to issues such as harassment and harmful speech, and Twitter`s other high-profile controversial decisions. [2] [4] Jeff Rich is Senior Director and Deputy General Counsel, Commercial Law at Twitter, responsible for five commercial legal teams supporting strategic product partnerships, business development, procurement, MoPub and Data Enterprise Solutions. Prior to joining Twitter in 2013, he was Lead International Counsel at Facebook and prior to that, Chief Legal Officer and Deputy General Counsel at Juniper Networks. Jeff holds a bachelor`s degree in English from the University of Santa Cruz and a doctorate in law from the University of Santa Cruz School of Law. Tesla has a new head for its legal department, according to recent filings for the Elon Musk case against Twitter. The new boss comes just as Twitter prepares to remove Tesla`s CEO. But when news broke of Musk`s official takeover, political and legal staff at the meeting worried about what his leadership might mean for Twitter`s carefully crafted online speech rules, including policies against hate speech, disinformation, and even political advertising. Lawyers representing the social media company plan to interview Elon Musk in a statement starting Sept. 26.

The deposition will take three days. In addition to Musk, Twitter`s legal team also plans to remove the “right-hand man” of Tesla CEO Jared Birchall and attorney Alex Spiro. Shortly after billionaire Elon Musk bought the powerful social media platform, Twitter attorney Vijaya Gadde called a virtual meeting with the political and legal teams she oversees to discuss what the new owner might mean to her. Gadde, who has been with Twitter since 2011, is the lead executive responsible for overseeing Twitter`s trust and security, legal and regulatory functions. She is seen internally as Twitter`s “moral authority” and the executive in charge of sensitive issues such as harassment and dangerous speech. “There is no Tesla employee with the official title of `General Counsel,` and my role as Senior Director of Legal Affairs is functionally equivalent to the role commonly referred to as `General Counsel.` It is common knowledge within Tesla that all references in Tesla`s internal documents to the `General Counsel` now refer to the Senior Director of Legal Affairs,” Eskin said. “I have executive responsibility for Tesla`s legal department, I have exclusive authority to act in a leadership position over the department, and I continue to serve in those roles to this day,” Eskin said in an affidavit last month. Vijaya Gadde, Twitter`s chief legal officer, and Sean Edgett, general counsel, will not be tainted by their ouster by Elon Musk and will have many career opportunities, from leading other legal departments to advising Silicon Valley investors, according to legal experts. The new director of Tesla Legal is Donna Eskin. She assumes the role of Senior Director of Legal Affairs in the company. Following the announcement of Elon Musk`s acquisition of Twitter in 2022, Gadde has received renewed attention.

Musk has challenged Twitter`s existing policies, saying the platform should only remove content when required by law, criticizing Gadde for his decision to block a New York Post article about Hunter Biden. [16] [17] [18] It was reported that Gadde raised concerns during a virtual meeting with political and legal teams, speaking of significant uncertainty about Twitter`s future under Musk`s potential leadership. [19] Musk`s criticism of Gadde led to some controversy due to online abuse Gadde subsequently suffered, including racist slurs and speculation that Musk`s critics may have violated the terms of the takeover agreement, which prohibited Musk from posting derogatory tweets about the company or its agents. She reportedly cried over the takeover at a meeting and was mocked by Musk and his online supporters. [16] [20] [21] Before joining Twitter in 2011, Gadde worked for the Silicon Valley law firm Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati for nearly a decade. She also served as senior director of legal at Silicon Valley-based technology company Juniper Networks. [9] [11] While at WSGR, Gadde worked on the acquisition of McClatchy Co.-Knight Ridder Inc. in 2006.

valued at $4.1 billion and has acted as an advisor to the Proxy Working Group and the Committee on Corporate Governance of the New York Stock Exchange. [10] [11] Gadde earned nearly $17 million as Twitter`s general counsel in 2021 and about $7.3 million in 2020. [15] “To help a company like Twitter navigate through all the details that have happened since then. Elon got involved first, that`s what defines his career,” said Mark Khan, former General Counsel of Segment. Musk`s takeover, which puts the world`s richest man at the helm of one of his most influential social media networks, is one of the biggest activist acquisitions of a publicly traded company. In 2018, she announced the hiring of researchers via Twitter to study the health of speech on the platform. [12] Gadde was born in India to a Telugu family and moved to the United States at the age of three. T62 [8] His father studied in the United States and initially did not have the financial means to have his wife and daughter until he was three years old. His family moved to Beaumont, Texas.[9] [10] She described her childhood as being affected by the presence of the Ku Klux Klan in Beaumont, so much so that her Indian father`s employer asked her to seek permission from the local Klan before she could go door-to-door to apply for insurance. [8] Tesla saves about $114 per car by removing and switching ultrasonic sensors (USS). Many progressives have expressed deep concerns about Musk`s decision to buy Twitter.

Gadde cried during the meeting when she raised concerns about how the company might change, according to three people familiar with the meeting. She acknowledged that there are significant uncertainties about what the company will look like under Musk`s leadership. Musk`s comments mirrored other criticism of Gadde, particularly from the political right, who accused her of being Twitter`s “leading censorship advocate” for blocking former U.S. President Donald Trump`s Twitter account. It also follows criticism of Twitter`s decision, in which Gadde was involved, to block users from sharing a New York Post article on Hunter Biden`s laptop during the 2020 US election, in which his father Joe Biden was a candidate. This decision was later dismissed as erroneous by Jack Dorsey. [4] Gadde has been defended by others, including former colleagues and law professor Danielle Citron, who have claimed that Gadde understands the implications of online harassment. [4] Elon Musk may have raised concerns about the U.S. economy earlier this year, but. In 2019, she convinced then-CEO Jack Dorsey not to sell political advertising during the 2020 U.S. presidential election, a high-profile move that received both praise and criticism.

[2] Elon Musk on Thursday finalized his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter, giving him sole control of one of the country`s leading social media and public speech platforms. During their team meeting, Gadde expressed similar concerns. And several employees left the debriefing with a renewed sense of loyalty to her. Twitter spokesperson Trenton Kennedy said Gadde was emotional when she spoke about her team`s influence and the pride she feels in it. Monday was an emotional day on Twitter – also for the leaders. Gadde himself has been a staunch defender of Twitter`s policies aimed at protecting its most vulnerable users while protecting free speech — a position that is at odds with Musk`s. “No matter what we do, we`ve been accused of bias,” she told Bloomberg News in 2020. Tesla helps homeowners in colder climates combat the problem of frozen door handles.

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