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While studying and learning English is always beneficial, it is completely different from studying legal English. Legal English contains very specific terminology and meanings and it is extremely important to have a good understanding and working knowledge of it. Having the best legal qualifications and experience is great, but if you don`t have a good knowledge of English terms and definitions, you could harm yourself and your career. You certainly won`t reach your full potential. Why not ensure your future success by starting to learn Legal English for free today? We offer a wide range of free English courses to help you progress. When you legally learn English online for free, you get expert help from native British tutors in a way that is affordable, adaptable and meets your needs. Learn at your own pace, at your own pace, and get helpful pronunciation tips that you will find invaluable. You will learn English legal terms, concepts of common law legal systems – used in England, the United States and other countries – and also improve your reading comprehension and listening skills. This website will help you improve your English language skills. In our blog, you can learn about common law legal systems, the American legal system, common English legal terms and collocations, as well as general English skills. Attending our courses allows you to focus on improving your legal English skills through these self-paced online courses.

These courses are aimed at lawyers of all levels. Some of our alumni were: In the twenty-first century, the world is connected and communication is essential. For lawyers (lawyers, judges, legal translators and others in the field), daily knowledge of English is not enough. Legal skills in English are paramount when negotiating international treaties, treaties, and countless other agreements. This course introduces you to Business English! We learn new terms through video lessons and practice with flashcards and a quiz. You can also download an encyclopedia workbook to fill out and study. This course helps non-native speakers improve their legal and professional writing. The course focuses on memos, letters, and emails. The focus is on editing and revising the letter to improve the final version. This course is cohort learning – where all students start and end the course together. For this reason, registrations are limited. You will learn these important skills by studying with us.

At the end of each course, you will receive an official certificate. Interviews: These episodes interview lawyers such as law professors, lawyers, lawyers, and people working in the legal field so you can learn from the experts. Study Legal English membership is for users who really want to move forward with their legal English, learn more and register here. In addition to free online Law English courses, we also offer a wide range of paid Legal English courses that you will find extremely beneficial in your specific area of expertise, as well as one-on-one Legal English courses that can be tailored to your needs. So why not take the first step towards success today by signing up with us to take advantage of your free English courses? And if you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us by phone or email to discuss all aspects of learning legal English. These are group classes that take place physically in person (not online). You will learn in groups of 3 to 10 participants. These courses take place in Lecco, Italy. Lecco is a town on Lake Como near Milan. If you would like individual training in English, please contact us.

Since 2013, I have been teaching lawyers in many jurisdictions and in many areas of law in individual courses. I speak Italian, I understand Portuguese and French, and I am used to dealing with lawyers whose mother tongue I do not speak. Here are some examples of people I`ve helped: However, mastering General English is not enough. You should understand Legal English`s terms and collocations if you: 1) wish to provide legal advice to a client; (2) negotiate with another lawyer; (3) present legal arguments before an international tribunal (tribunal, arbitral tribunal, etc.); or 4) Meet and network with colleagues at an international conference. Are you a lawyer who wants to learn English legally – for free? Are you looking for an easy and convenient way to learn legal English for free? Look no further! We have a fantastic solution; Learn legal English by taking our free online courses and taking effective exercises to deepen your learning. It is a fast, flexible and affordable way for lawyers to learn legal English for free. These are Legal English courses led by a Legal English Instructor where you will study in groups of 3 to 8 participants. These courses take place online on Zoom.

Study Legal English is a registered TOLES examination and training centre. These are online self-study courses where you follow podcast episodes on a specific topic. You can follow them for free by listening to the podcast episodes of each course or by registering as a Podcast PRO member to access more learning resources and receive a certificate at the end of each course. This is a great way to improve both your speaking and listening skills. You will make one-on-one video calls and have the opportunity to discuss relevant legal issues. The lecturer will work with you to develop a curriculum of topics tailored to enhancing your speaking skills and relevant to your legal interest. Many lawyers struggle with their English skills. Being able to communicate effectively in English becomes a necessity for any lawyer. These are courses where you can learn yourself online. Members have access to additional resources, such as certificates for podcast courses. Fiction: These episodes focus on a specific topic of legal English and feature fictional monologues and fictional dialogues between native English speakers and sometimes non-native English speakers to help you understand legal English in practice.

Learning Business English for free could be an important step in establishing your success. Start learning legal English for free today and become a knowledgeable expert in no time! Learn at your own pace with our online courses and seminars taught by professional and qualified native speakers. This will help you with correct pronunciation and use, so you will be able to easily communicate with legal phrases and terminology in English very quickly. Listen to articles by legal experts and interviews with lawyers. Legal English terminology can be extremely intimidating, even for fluent English speakers, as the meanings can be extremely precise and therefore confusing, especially if you haven`t been instructed on their exact legal meaning. With our free online Legal English courses, you can learn the correct pronunciation and precise meaning of UK lawyers and lawyers who are native speakers. This gives you the edge over many other lawyers. I have helped students and lawyers become familiar with legal English when applying a range of legal skills: Some episodes of the Study Legal English podcast are grouped into legal English courses that you should take from start to finish. This is the first course in our Legal English program. We will look at different areas of law and get to know the related legal terms. The course also introduces you to the common law legal system used in England and the United States. These are new courses where you can study with me, Louise Kulbicki, your legal trainer in English.

You can study online or face-to-face. All study materials are included in the course and participants receive a certificate at the end. One month of Podcast PRO membership is included when you first sign up for a course. Take legal English classes to improve your legal knowledge on a specific topic. English legal vocabulary, collocations, use of prepositions and sentence constructions. You can search the website using the search function in the sidebar on the right. I have helped many lawyers with applications and interviews for lateral and vertical hiring: student feedback on the Basic Legal English course. These online courses are based on courses taught personally to students.

However, in response to the pandemic and the growing need for online learning, these courses have been adapted to the online learning environment – with the aim of maximizing the best aspects of online learning! Many law firms today need lawyers who speak both the local language and an international language – usually English. To be competitive, a modern lawyer must be able to communicate in English. Study Legal English was launched in September 2017 and is heard in more than 100 countries around the world. Founder Louise Kulbicki started studying Legal English after teaching Legal English for many years and noticing a lack of online resources for Legal English – Study Legal English aims to fill this gap.

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