Spectra Legal Limited

We provide law firms with tailor-made financial solutions that allow them to invest in their cases, obtain fair compensation for their rights and thus facilitate access to justice. Help us make statutory salaries more transparent. Get exclusive access to anonymized legal salary data. Website: www.quicksck.com (Bad website?) C-1, SRI CHAKRA APARTMENTS, NO.5, CHINNIAH STREET T.NAGAR CHENNAI Chennai TN 600017 IN For companies that work with conditional and damage-based agreements, we offer revolutionary means of financing. Next billing date November 27, 2022 due by December 11, 2022 We add and update information on hundreds of thousands of businesses every day and add businesses to update regularly. You can request that a company be placed at the top of the update queue, which is especially useful if the address, administrators, or other important information has changed. Simply click on the “Update Information” button below to start the process. We have opened the original job posting in a new tab. Having trouble finding the tab? Open it here.

Click here to view all available financial documents and regulatory filings of SPECTRA LEGAL SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED SpectraLegal is a leading provider of specialist financing services in the UK legal services market. C-1, Sri Chakra Apartments, No.5, Chinniah Street T.nagar Chennai Tamil Nadu 600017 India We believe that law firms need a strategic financial partner they can rely on. A solution that can help them fund their litigation practice more effectively and provide them with the financial resources to take advantage of new opportunities. Next accounts created by October 31, 2022 due no later than July 31, 2023 The terms and conditions contain important information about the relevant courts and cases, data restrictions and other important information. Read the terms and conditions carefully before purchasing a report Click here to see other companies involved in the same activity. Thank you very much. We will update the website after verifying the website address. We offer financing solutions for specific areas such as commercial energy and insolvency claims. Combined with our general reimbursement financing offer, this results in a unique range of products perfectly tailored to the needs of all consumer law firms. We are more than a lender.

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