South West Migration & Legal Services

The Southwest Detroit Immigrant and Refugee Center is the largest provider of free, low-cost legal services to vulnerable communities in Southeast Michigan. Our home is in southwest Detroit, but we also have clinics in the Pontiac and Eastside of Detroit. We work for a southeastern Michigan where justice doesn`t depend on how much money you have, and where immigrants are welcome in our communities. We represent clients from diverse backgrounds before the courts and offer a full range of legal services. Our three legal clinics are the gateway to all our services. All legal needs are welcome and all services in clinics are free of charge. We are qualified lawyers. Our knowledge of immigration law. Everyone deserves justice, no matter how much money they have at their disposal. All donations are used to ensure that no one is deterred from getting the essential legal help they need because they cannot pay. This is where your help is needed. The work we do in the clinics is only possible thanks to our dedicated team of volunteers! We always need the help of lawyers, law students, translators or researchers to support our clients.

Aware of the hardships her family had to endure during her migration to Australia, Marta has dedicated her life to giving her clients the privilege of living and/or visiting Australia. “I would definitely recommend South West Migration & Legal Services as they are very professional, very experienced and extremely helpful. Thank you Marta really appreciates your work! Vive Marta Mamarot emigrated to Australia as a child with her family on a refugee visa in the early 1980s after fleeing communist Poland and spending 1 year in Austria. Marta grew up and was educated in South West Sydney. “Thank you guys, the experience I`ve had with you has been so amazing and my prayer for you is that God will have more blessingsπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™” Your visa is your future in Australia. We will help you with all your visa needs. We support clients from diverse cultural backgrounds, and our diverse team speaks a variety of languages, including Polish, Tagalog, Arabic, Mandarin, French and Mauritian Creole. Our reputation is built on the trust that clients like you place in us to achieve favorable results. We deserve it. “Fantastic! I was panicking and didn`t know what to do when I contacted Marta. I immediately felt calmer. Everything I needed was taken care of immediately.

Marta is a very friendly person. VERY down to earth indeed. I will never hesitate to ask them for help. “They made the process very easy for us. Marta and Arlene were amazing and very supportive throughout the process. They always kept us updated and the application process was very smooth and they made the application super easy for us even though we moved from state to state while the application was still being processed. I highly recommend them as they are the best! Thanks guys Β» Any questions? Would you like to participate? Do not hesitate to contact us. SouthWest Migration & Legal Services was founded in 2013 by lawyer Marta Mamarot. We offer a free 20-minute phone call with our lawyer and registered migration officer.

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