Rules Clan Pubg

Our clan and populous community have players from all over the world, with different backgrounds, backgrounds, religions, ideologies and orientations. We celebrate this by embracing each player with justice. To maintain a thriving clan, we follow a set of rules and guidelines that protect our core values. Good sportsmanship and respect for all players have been associated with our clan over the decades, and we make it a point for every member to reflect these values on every platform while carrying the Åsgard label. There are some typical rules with which most clans have something similar. Here are some examples: All clan members MUST add the leader of GASZ Gaming: Destroyer485 and members with forces increase GASZ`s overall strength. Therefore, we need you to have a specialty/strength that helps the clan so that you can join GASZ. There are many different rules that differ from clan to clan. The meaning of the rules varies from clan to clan. Some clans may only have it as a guideline, while others may distribute evictions if the rules are broken. Rules are a code of conduct to which every member of a clan must adhere.

Almost all clans have rules that are necessary for a clan to function effectively. The rules are set by the clan leaders and can be changed at any time. There will be no warning regarding the ban on GASZ Gaming. NO behavior, misconduct or misunderstanding is permitted. The rules are available to you and are not hidden or contain misleading instructions. We believe in second chances, but these are for special occasions and are only granted after a vote by the head and board (co-director) of GASZ Gaming. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. If you are not a member and have any doubts, concerns or comments about our values, rules and policies, please feel free to contact the clan leaders through any channel. It is strictly forbidden to speak behind a person`s back, especially by a clan member, chief or co-leader. If you talk about someone behind their back, they will be immediately thrown away by GASZ Gaming! However, if a discussion on the treatment of the topic is allowed and no agreement can be reached based on the severity, you will be banned from GASZ Gaming! Some clans have special rules that are specific to their clan. Here are some examples: Don`t talk to another clan member, even if they feel bad. Build ONLY your teammates! This positivity keeps the morale of the clan high and the happiness of the members at a high level.

If you don`t like any of these rules, please contact us via email, DM or online via our personal accounts. However, it will not bend, change, delete or violate any rules of any kind, unless otherwise approved by the GASZ Gaming Board of Directors. (This will be decided by vote and approved only after each member has voted) There is a completely different set of rules that only applies to you if you are part of our league, ranking, GB or UMG teams. You will be informed of these rules when you join the team(s). If a clan member breaks a rule, they can often be punished in the clan. Sanctions often depend on the rules broken and may include demotion of ranks, removal of the right to speak in the clan chat, and/or temporary or permanent ban from the clan. Penalties can be temporary or permanent. Again, this depends on the rule being broken and is clan specific. NONE are allowed in GASZ Gaming. 1v1 against GASZ Gaming clan members is prohibited! It`s about avoiding drama within the clan and allowing everyone to have a good time. As a member, you can refer to the dedicated section of the forums to express your concerns.

We also ask that you have a Twitch account so you can follow us when we live stream (@Gaszgaming). The following has been created to provide every member with a great experience here at GASZ Gaming. Rules and/or actions are prohibited from discriminating, attacking or denigrating a member or player in any way. They are specially designed to ward off drama, answer frequently asked questions and create a more enjoyable atmosphere at GASZ Gaming. Please take the time to review the individual rules! Make sure you understand them all so that everything goes smoothly! We wish you the best! Go to the battlefield. – GASZ Gaming Team Must be active at least 4 days a week on the game GASZ Gaming is playing at that time. We work to make it a standard for analyzing and approaching each situation fairly and impartially. Each Member MUST follow at least one, if not all, of GASZ Gaming`s social media accounts, which are as follows: Play the game for fun and thrive together.

We strongly believe that video game culture thrives when everyone involved has fun. Play fair, play to learn together, play a good game, no matter how it goes. We assemble this space and work in synergy. We are playing a very old game that has survived over the years thanks to the efforts of players who collaborate for the love of the game. Must be 15 years old at the end of the calendar year at the time of admission to GASZ Gaming. Exceptions may be made. Being part of GASZ Gaming means showing our pride and skills as a team in a respectful way! Sending hate mail to other players and/or garbage talking to others is PROHIBITED! Lowering oneself to one`s own level is lower than GASZ Gaming`s high level. If you receive hate mail, send something nice back. If hate mail persists, mute the sound or even block the player.

You must have a YouTube channel and subscribe to the GASZ Gaming (@GASZGaming) channel. Please leave a like for each video and a comment on two of your favorite videos. To join GASZ Gaming, each member MUST have at least one Twitter or Instagram account and one YouTube account.

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