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For legal forms, completion assistance and legal advice, please contact your legal counsel. Your property taxes will continue to be paid through the U.S. Bank. How to access the payment gateway: If a lien is still listed on a credit report after you have paid the lien amount, please contact the organization or person who filed the lien on your property. You must provide the writable document showing that the privilege has been released. Property Tax and Value Search is an online tool for finding and posting information about property information and values. No. You can contact a lawyer, title company, real estate company, legal forms vendor, or search for forms at MN Uniform Conveyancing Blanks. Ramsey County does not assist in filling out legal forms, and the county accepts no responsibility for anyone attempting to complete the legal documentation themselves.

Once you save a document, it is permanent and cannot be deleted or modified. RecordEASE is the county`s commercial product for access to land records maintained by the County Recorder and Registrar of Titles Office of Ramsey County. For a small subscription fee, users have access to documents and images saved in RecordEASE without having to go to our physical location. The certificate is issued when the country is registered. It contains the name of the owner, a description of the property and all charges, privileges and interests to which the owner`s estate is subject. Minnesota Law 1031.235 requires the seller of a property, the buyer, and the State of Minnesota to provide information about the location and status of all wells on the property. The certificate must contain a statement that the document is accompanied by a certificate of disclosure. To assist with legislation and legal research, the Ramsey County Law Library is a public library open to all.

Located in the Ramsey Country Courthouse in downtown Saint Paul, it maintains a collection of print and online legal resources, including self-help materials. The RecordEASE website was designed as a tool for searching for information on individual plots of land. Downloading multiple data packages, screen capture programs or other computer extraction techniques is strictly prohibited. Ramsey County reserves the right to deny access to the Site to any person or party who misuses the Site. For almost all types of documents that place a lien on the property, an associated recordable document (such as a gratuity) cancels the initial action. These are called releases, gratuities, terminations or cancellations. Privilege and satisfaction remain on the property as a permanent document. The county lists the resolution in the parcel index for all properties to indicate that discriminatory agreements are unenforceable, violate public order, and have no legal effect. Residents are encouraged to include an affidavit that filled out all racial alliances on their property. Residents are exempt from paying registration fees for the removal of racial alliances. We can`t advise you on what kind of forms you need, help you fill out forms, or give you legal advice.

Questions regarding the preparation of documents should be directed to your legal counsel. In June 2022, the Ramsey County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution to join the Coalition for Just Deeds to highlight the importance of realizing and publishing historic racial alliances in property registries. The measure is in line with the county`s plan to lay the foundation for more inclusive communities and address future inequalities within the county. Ramsey County does not provide legal or abstraction services, and we do not certify research results. All information provided is for courtesy or reference purposes only and does not imply any warranty or fitness for any particular purpose. Ramsey County Recorder / Registrar of Titles 90 West Plato Boulevard Saint Paul, MN 55107 The Ramsey County Recorder and Registrar of Titles Office maintains official real property records and provides for the retrieval and reproduction of these records to the public and businesses. Documents covering both registered (Torrens) and unregistered (summary) properties must be submitted for summary registration and Torrens registration in two ways: Access to land registers maintained by the County Recorder and Registrar of Titles Office is available online via RecordEASE. Access is also available in our Property File Resource Centre. For availability and dates, call the recorder`s office. The Office of the Registrar processes over 100 different types of documents. The requirements listed below are just a few of the main types.

In addition, additional fees may apply in certain situations. The document you choose may change the tax consequences. More information on document fees can be found in the Fee Rules (PDF) The Resource Centre is located in the Plato Building.

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