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This collection of quotes comes from the minds of legal experts, famous celebrities, and other legendary thinkers. These words will remind you that the exercise of justice is a noble and important profession. Whether you`re just starting law school or running your own law firm, you`ll be excited by these motivational words. 63. “Discipline is part of my professional training as a lawyer.” – Mohamed ElBaradei Laws on oppression tend to reinforce what they would prohibit. It is on this point that every legal profession in history has based its job security. “A court decision may be flawless but heartless, but a negotiated solution will be satisfactory, even if it deviates from the strict law.” 49. “Lawyers are like professional wrestlers. They pretend to get angry and fight, but they socialize after a trial is over. – Robert Whitlow 40. Business ethics have always had different problems than other professions such as medicine, law, engineering, dentistry or nursing.

“Read these words of wisdom to change your perspective on the legal system.” Again, the judiciary is functionally outraged, not only when an innocent person is punished, but also when a guilty criminal gets away with it and cripples the justice system. My decision to become a lawyer was irrevocably sealed when I realized that my father hated the legal profession. Advocacy, politics and acting are very closely linked: it`s about having an idea and communicating it to a listener, whether it`s one person or five thousand in a room. I never thought I would live long enough to see the legal profession change the way it has. Law is not a profession, not a briefing, not a commodity, and therefore the heavens of commercial competition should not popularize the legal profession. 70. “As a lawyer and former prosecutor, I know the limits of the president`s power and authority. I know what is legal and what is not. “– Rodrigo Duterte In high school, I discovered myself. I was interested in race relations and the legal profession. I read about Lincoln and that he believed law was the most difficult profession.

Extrapolated from the statistical growth of the legal profession, by 2035, every person in the United States will be a lawyer, including newborns. 29. “Referrals are crucial if you want to do something professional. If you want to become a doctor, lawyer, teacher or professor, there is a certification process. But there are many other things that are not clear that they are so important. ” – Peter Thiel 48. ” Law is an imperfect profession in which success can rarely be achieved without sacrificing principle. Therefore, all practicing lawyers – and most others in the profession – will necessarily be imperfect, especially in the eyes of young idealists. There is no perfect justice, just as there is no absolute in ethics. But there is a total injustice, and we know it when we see it.

“– Alan Dershowitz Yes, I also studied business law. That`s interesting. It is a serious and very rewarding job. Nice that you`re friends:) TC Xo “We cannot ignore that during the freedom struggle and even after independence, many prominent lawyers provided important legal services to political and civil rights activists who were arrested or imprisoned.” Being a lawyer is an evergreen profession. Where there are bad people, there is the law and there is a lawyer who fights for justice. We bring here a collection of quotes from lawyers that would be relevant in the coming days. The legal profession is a business with a huge collection of egos. Few people who are not selfishly strong are attracted to it. When dictators and tyrants try to destroy people`s freedoms, their first goal is advocacy and therefore the rule of law.

“Generally, a lawyer in the legal profession has a social duty to show people a beacon through his or her behaviour and actions, rather than insist on an unwarranted and inappropriate issue.” At the most pragmatic level, lawyers are society`s professional problem solors. Lawyers are asked to make distinctions, explain how and why cases or experiences are the same or different. It is expected that lawyers will restore balance in order to be balancers. Every discipline, every profession, every job and every vocation is one step ahead. Lines are drawn on this edge. Lawyers and judges are society`s ultimate line-pullers. On one side of the line, behavior, action or inaction is appropriate; On the other side of the line, that is not the case. Lawyers are needed in a community.

Some of you. take a different perspective; But because I am or have ever been a member of this legal profession and have only lost the reputation of becoming a politician, I still retain the pride of the profession. And I always insist that it is the law and the lawyer that make popular government possible by virtue of a written constitution and written statutes. I don`t want to make big generalizations about people going into the legal professions, but there are similarities in the lawyers I`ve met and interacted with, in that they tend to be very eloquent, very analytical, thinking and have a very quick think button. so to speak. 21. “As a lawyer, I`ve found that it`s largely a research question, which I do well – I did it to death – and then basically convincing people that you`re right, and they`re wrong. I found it to be the easiest of all professions to claim. – Frank Abagnale. Hello Dahoglund 🙂 Haha, I loved your lawyer quote. Thank you for sharing;) 74. “Discourage litigation.

Persuade your neighbors to compromise whenever you can. As a peacemaker, the lawyer has a better chance of being a good man. There will still be enough business. “– Abraham Lincoln In other words, if it`s not broken, don`t fix it.” – Anonymous 45. “A lawyer with his briefcase can rob more than a hundred men with weapons.” – Mario Puzo “The decision must be made within the framework of the system of historically validated restrictions and deliberate minimization of judges` preferences.” Oh, that says it all, based on my personal experience. I particularly like “sometimes he even tells the truth”. 64. “It`s every lawyer`s dream to help shape the law, not just respond to it.” – Alan Dershowitz “The right kind of people don`t want excuses, and the bad guy takes advantage of them wickedly.” While you`ve been reading some inspiring and amusing quotes, here are some evergreen avocado quotes from famous people about what makes a good lawyer. 54. « All scholars, scholars, scholars, courtiers, gentlemen, they call false caterpillars and intend to die.

» 65. “Ask any attorney—if a prosecutor thinks he can win a case, he will sue him.” – Robert B. Weide 4. No man is good enough to rule another man without the consent of the other. 93. “Like all lawyers, I was pleased with this gratitude. It happened so rarely. – C.J. Sansom “Law is an experience developed by reason and constantly applied to other experiences. A good lawyer jokes twenty-five. I also enjoyed the video.

Hello Katyzzz! I wonder what is certain to tell the truth or not? LOL You can`t be a lawyer if he can`t lie:) 73. “Being a lawyer is not just a vocation. It is a public trust, and each of us has an obligation to give back to our communities. – Janet Reno Hy Fehl. It`s a cool hub! I laughed at some of the quotes, but I really laughed at the video. Who wrote this total!?? It`s so disgusting. I felt like throwing up, it`s so flat and monotonous and deadly boring nothing zero! But it seems to be designed that way! That`s why I laughed!! Where would you get that? Geez! Not from the legal profession! It`s embarrassing!! Hehehehe! This article contains the best quotes from lawyers: funny, inspiring and famous quotes about lawyers and their careers. It also includes thank-you quotes from those who have benefited from their services and want to find the right words to show their appreciation.

“Equality was and is the greatest desire of all human beings at all times.”86 “Lawyers are notorious for snatching triumphant acquittals from their clients from reluctant jurors, even when, as is often the case, those clients were clearly and unequivocally innocent.” – Oscar Wilde.

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