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In 2019, the IBA released a report presenting the results of a landmark global survey on bullying and harassment in the legal profession. The report found that 45% of corporate lawyers reported bullying and 98% of incidents occurred in the workplace. Twenty-six per cent of in-house counsel who participated in the survey said they had experienced sexual harassment. Kappler is a board member of the Pro Bono Partnership (treasurer) and the National Health Law Program (chair) and co-chair of the Georgetown Law Corporate Counsel Institute. She is a member of the Board of Visitors of Dartmouth College Rockefeller Center for Public Policy. Kappler has served on the boards of the Washington Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs, the Appleseed Foundation, and Global Rights, and was a long-time board member of the Lowell School in Washington, D.C., where she served as chair. She has received several awards, including the 2018 Executive Women of New Jersey Policymakers Honoree and was recognized on the NJBIZ 2022 Law Power 50 list. She frequently lectures on topics such as legal and compliance best practices and diversity. Ann Kappler says lawyers who develop a wide range of legal skills and knowledge in different parts of the business prepare them for long-term success. As Executive Vice President and General Counsel at Prudential Financial, Ann Kappler is responsible for law, compliance, business ethics and external affairs and a member of the executive team. She was appointed in September 2020 after serving as the firm`s Assistant General Counsel and Head of External Affairs for six years. In this role, Kappler oversaw Prudential`s corporate functions, including mergers and acquisitions, litigation, regulatory law and corporate investigations.

She also led the company`s public advocacy and led all activities in federal, state and international government affairs. Kappler said the legal department was one of the first to adopt the concert program. Prudential remains at the forefront of diversity issues by involving everyone in the process. “Administrative assistants, paralegals and mid-level lawyers are responsible for keeping the program alive. We need everyone`s input to ensure we have an inclusive work environment,” says Blount. Transformation is a comprehensive initiative focused on opportunities to increase agility or efficiency, build capacity, better deploy and leverage technology to support global compliance programs, and develop robust external consulting management. “We have about 400 law firms – it`s not particularly efficient, so we have an initiative that will look at how we can use our capital more intelligently.” In order to work most effectively with clients around the world, Prudential realized it needed to maintain a legal team that could adapt to the diversity of its clients and products. And Susan L. Blount, Prudential`s general counsel, has made diversity a priority. Under his leadership, Prudential`s Law, Compliance and Business Ethics (LCBE) division established a diversity committee to address diversity issues. promotes networking; and conducts outreach, mentoring and recruitment of women and people of colour.

The Newark, New Jersey-based global investment firm has appointed Ann Kappler, the current Senior Vice President, Assistant General Counsel and Head of External Affairs, as Senior Counsel. She will take up her new position in September. 1, as Harris expects to remain with the company during the transition through the first quarter of 2021. She said these diverse experiences typically prepare lawyers and other legal staff for career advancement and personal satisfaction at Prudential. “At Prudential, we have long focused on diversity. When I became General Counsel and responsibility was transferred to me, it was important for me to ensure that the LCBE organization was focused on diversity,” says Blount. Within LCBE, a team of client advisors represents Prudential on eight national and local legal advisory groups, including the Minority Corporate Counsel Association (MCCA), the Garden State Bar Association and the National Bar Association. “It`s always a good thing to have someone on the client`s side who is used to wearing a legal hat,” she said.

“Frankly, it would also give me the opportunity to work for a general counsel,” she adds. The vice president was also a woman whose work for the U.S. Department of Justice Kappler had long admired. Every function of the company, including the legal department, seeks to become more effective and efficient. The Kappler team is working to position itself more agile and responsive for customers, but also for the changing company. “It was a fascinating area for me,” says Kappler. “It seemed ideal to think about issues from a public policy perspective in the legal field, where I was able to use my litigation skills, my regulatory skills and learn a lot about the financial sector.” When a Prudential Financial cybersecurity consultant left the company in recent years, General Counsel Ann Kappler said her legal department hoped to fill the position in its data and privacy legal department internally.

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