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The entire eligibility process (Standard Disclosure Scotland verification, application review, petition to court, petition approved and our records are updated) can take up to 5 weeks during peak hours. We have issued a policy statement on the termination of training contracts. See below. The cost of this app is £25.00. Cheques or money orders are payable to The Law Society of Scotland. If you prefer to pay by card, please let us know and the best number to contact you to collect the payment. You cannot enter your card details in section D. The achievement of PEAT 2 outcomes by a trainee should be documented and reflected in the PEAT 2 dataset, discussed at each quarterly PEAT 2 performance review and supported by the completion of the required Apprenticeship Career Development (CPD) program. There are different types of admission forms. Which one you need depends on whether your internship has been awarded, when you are applying for your internship or whether you qualify for Scotland in another jurisdiction. Include your mother`s maiden or family name in section B13 When you apply, we will verify that your PRQPP and the CPD required for apprentices are up to date. Any PQPR due at the time of application must be submitted and approved by your supervisor.

You must have completed at least 20 hours of mandatory apprenticeship training before you can apply for admission after one year of training. Specific guidance on supervising lawyers on how they should support their articling students. According to the 2019 admission regulations, the registration of your apprenticeship contract must take place within 28 days of the start of your internship, so it is important that we receive your completed form in time for this to be possible. All contracts received after this deadline will be considered out of time and must be accompanied by a cover letter explaining the reasons for the late submission and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the admissions subcommittee. Failure to return the contract on time may result in a change in the start of training. We have registered a standard form for the training contract in order to make the contract process as easy as possible. It entered into force on 1 June 2017. A copy of the extract of the certificate of declaration can be found further down the left side of this page. Entrance fees are listed on the registration form – they are subject to change but are currently around £350. An assignment means that you move your internship from one company to another, while your employer retains responsibility for your training during a secondment, but sends you to another office for part of your training. Assistantships are possible during the internship, but not during the last three months. If you want to change companies during the last three months of your training, you should consider a secondment.

You must notify the Department of Education, Training and Qualifications at least 10 business days in advance when you apply for an assignment. All Contracting Parties must confirm their consent to the proposed assignment by e-mail or letter. Trainee lawyers may also complete part of their traineeship as part of a secondment to one of the establishments of the training unit or to another training establishment. Training officers remain ultimately responsible for supervision during these secondments and are required to inform us of the location and duration of a secondment, although, unlike previous regulations, they do not require any formal consent from us. However, those responsible for training must comply with our guidelines and the new admission rules. If you have any questions, requests or information, please contact legaleduc@lawscot.org.uk. Interns must take notes and upload a recording of the meeting so that their supervising lawyer can approve them. Please also scan the application form and email the 3 required identification forms, one of which must be photographic and the other must contain your current address. If you apply after the first year of your internship, you do not have to meet these additional requirements. If you have any questions about PQPR or problems uploading your review to our website, please contact legaleduc@lawscot.org.uk. If you have any questions about an item, please send legaleduc@lawscot.org.uk an email. We prescribe to all trainees the learning outcomes they must achieve during their two-year internship.

These are level 2 vocational education and training results or PEAT 2 results. If you are applying for admission between the third and 11th month of your internship, you must complete 20 hours of face-to-face training.

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