Is Sugar Glider Legal in Malaysia

Chow added that most homeowners also tend to change the natural diet of sugar gliders, who are more accustomed to feeding on insects, nectar, pollen and fruit. The conference on Petster`s Sugar Glider went very well and I was asked a few questions: are they at risk? Do we need a license to have them? How about keeping a sugar glider in our climate? As a member of the marsupial family, the sugar glider can be found in Western Australia and Papua New Guinea. Can I know the right diet for my suggestions? I don`t know what gliders really eat. He would show his affection by rubbing his head on another sugar glider. Obviously, they did the wrong thing and have no remorse for what was done wrong. But please don`t spread false information here and don`t give readers the wrong impression here. You obviously haven`t read enough about this unique species to give good advice. I am talking about sources all over the world. This breed is NOT native to Malaysia and lives in a colony. Never alone. The so-called “experts” you consult are just as ignorant as you are. Please stop saying all this environmental. Try writing to the World Wildlife Fund, and the truly qualified conservationist will tell you otherwise.

Captive sugar gliders should never be released into the wild. It does not do them justice and is suicidal for them. Please do your research before eliminating all those stupid comments. If it is illegal to keep or breed them as pets, then all pet stores should be prosecuted. Why did that not happen? Doesn`t that ring a bell? Well, first of all, sugar gliders belong to the genus Petaurus Breciveps, which are widespread as pets and also as wild gliders in Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and parts of Australia. In other countries, sugar slips are illegal due to the country`s law on keeping exotic animals, such as Singapore. In Australia, you need a special permit to hold gliders. In the United States, breeders and guardians of animals must obtain a license to keep and breed them. In Malaysia, it is quite forgiving. Almost anyone can own a glider because no license or permit is required.

Just a wallet full of money and you can easily get a Joey. We still need to educate the public about sugar gliders. I am very happy to see that some forums have communities of sugar gliders who are already having debates and sharing ideas about glider maintenance. That is certainly an improvement. I just hope more people join such forums and learn from older zookeepers. Learn more about Joeys miners and also how to find a good breeder in my next article. Hey, I already have a paraglider that is about 10 months old and I just bought a female Joey and apparently she is a month old. Did I make a mistake? Is there a way for me to find out? Do you know where to buy a pair of sugar gliders from a reputable/reliable glider somewhere in KL/Salt? How much does it really cost for a couple? Sugar gliders are imported through the illegal animal trade. “Buying sugar gliders and keeping them as pets encourages poachers and smugglers to smuggle animals out of the natural environment.” It is not too difficult to keep sugar gliders in Malaysia.

We have some basic necessities such as large bird cages, homemade glue bags and sleeping bags, cage accessories and toys, and an abundance of local fruits. We are actually blessed with a variety of tropical fruits that we can easily get, such as Jambu air or water apple, sugar apple, papaya, ciku, rambutan, mango and so on. A glider only needs a diet with lots of fruits and vegetables of different varieties, complementary foods (GliderSLURP), crickets and mealworms. In addition, sugar gliders are social animals that can live in groups of six to 10 people in a community. Sugar gliders are native to Australia and New Guinea. Still looking for Sugar Glider??? Send me an email, we can discuss everything, including your budget. As reported by TRAFFIC, Perhilitan`s deputy director, Zaaba Zainol Abidin, said his agency would protect sugar gliders under Malaysia`s wildlife conservation law. Currently, sugar gliders are subject to quotas in Malaysia, but the annual harvest limit of 225 appears to be far exceeded. In Malaysia, we have squirrel gliders that lead a solitary life and breed during the breeding season.

Sugar gliders cannot live alone, they form groups of 4 to 11 or more in nature. Squirrel gliders are more likely to be related to rodents rather than marsupials. It is illegal to keep native squirrel gliders, but not illegal to keep sugar gliders, under what Perhilitan said. Hi, tonight I found a nice little glider on my couch. I just got home from my couch from work. I didn`t notice the glider until I put my hand on the head of the couch. I was shocked and squeaked a little, I noticed that the glider reacted in the same way. haha. Then I panicked, I didn`t know what to do, so I cut an apple (small portion) and gave the glider. She took it and licked the moisture around the apple and I realized she was at first, like she was avoiding me (scared, I guess). After a while, she was fine.

I called my BF, we decided to release her. We took the glider to the “forest” of Puncak Alam (Shah Alam). Hmm. There are a lot of trees there and I hope the Tress will stay there in 2-3 years (probably due to development). (T_T) I hope I`m doing the right thing because I don`t like keeping animals in cages. I am an ecologist myself, I am now pursuing my master`s degree in marine biology. So I know I`m doing it well. It was recently reported that the Malaysian Maritime Enforcement Agency (WMPA) had stopped an attempt to smuggle 200 sugar gliders into the country in waters from Pengerang to Kota Tinggi. Hello. I also have male gliders, actually my son (glider) is so cute.

And I think I love him like my friend. From the beginning, when she said she had found a sugar glider on her couch, I only had a hunch that something was wrong with this girl.

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