Is Rocketreach Legal

Invasion of privacy unethical and unsafe. I used my data without consent. October 12, 2022Rocketreach looks more like PrivacyBreach.Je think it`s disgusting to see how they can get away with it. They should be severely punished for the beach of privacy and for collecting all the little details about me and posting everything on one page without my consent. That`s why we implemented the GDPR to prevent such a data breach and illegal storage of data without consent. The worst part is that they asked me for more private information before they could delete my data from the obnoxious site! Absolutely disgusting and unethical and certainly a violation of privacy and personal safety. I feel absolutely bothered that they can enter my work email address and phone number without my permission and get away with it anyway. I absolutely want to challenge their unethical practices and take comprehensive action against their directors and staff. One of Rocketcrap`s employee profiles boasts of stalking personal LinkedIn profiles. How is this even allowed? In the eyes of the law, this is classified as a brake on the law. I`m sure if someone stalks, you`ll definitely be arrested.

Then they`ll sneak out my window and find out what bloody socks I`m wearing! I tried to talk to an agent about their online chat to remove me from their website and they kept recommending me to provide more details about my personal life before they could delete me, they shouldn`t reveal my bloody details at all. T W A.TsLet`s turn the tables upside down. RocketReach adheres to strict ethical standards and complies with the law. We collect profile information using a combination of a web crawler (similar to Google) and data mining algorithms such as feature detection, email prediction, etc. Essentially, the information provided by our website is already publicly available on the Internet. If our crawlers can find it, Google, Bing, etc. The email addresses listed on our site are found or predicted via entity search. For more information about how we collect information, please see our help article. Google “is RocketReach… and you`ll get results like “Is RocketReach legit” and “Is RocketReach legal?” RocketReach itself has quite cleverly written a blog post that appears to be one of the first results of this research and tries to allay concerns. In summary, what they are doing is not illegal and does not cause much harm anyway. But they would still register at RocketReach. That was in October, and I haven`t heard anything since.

So I guess nothing has changed. I never agreed to list my data. It was right there. This has confused customers and business partners. Absolutely forbidden. I will monitor their website if my data reappears and take legal action if that happens. Our team is always at your disposal for any questions or answers your request. Just email us at Anyway, check this link – claim your profile first, and then there is a delete link. I came across this article today because I wanted to use Rocketreach for professional purposes. I am a commercial real estate agent in California. I have been in the industry for 6 months and I am still finding my prospecting system.

Your opinion on this topic is interesting because I do a lot of cold emails and “cold public relations” for business people. I imagine that if you feel that way, other business people might feel the same way. In this case, it appears that there was no pre-existing relationship between you and RocketReach, so it is more difficult to prove that the treatment can reasonably be expected. In addition, when obtaining data from third parties, the organization must consider individuals who have been informed of how their data may be shared with others. RocketReach describes itself as “the world`s largest and most accurate database of email and direct dialing.” Keep in mind that RocketReach is also a paid service. Starting at just £28 a month, you can search for 1,500 profiles of people who have never agreed to sell their data. You have filed a complaint about RocketReach`s use of your personal information. Your personal information has now been removed from their website, but you remain concerned about how that information was obtained in the first place. It`s also the passive-aggressive tactic that I can`t stand.

Email after email, with “Let us know if you`re not the right person to talk to.” I`ve also sent messages to my personal email address or received calls on my personal phone – which I think is pretty unacceptable. Well, at least they violate your privacy and consent with “high ethical standards.” And what strikes me about this explanation is how blazed they are about it. Hey, they say, this is all online or guess anyway, what`s the problem? We consider that the impact of this processing on data protection is low, as the data used appears to be publicly available and does not appear to be sensitive. Excellent program. As entrepreneurs and sales professionals, we need to be able to offer people what they need, when they need it. RocketReach provides great contact information for business contacts to help you reach the right people. Having recently experienced online harassment, I had fundamentally revised my online visibility and tightened my privacy. Do a scan every month or so. I couldn`t believe it was available. All this without my consent, as none of the information was in the public domain – I can`t believe they found a photo of me while I deleted all the photos of me or hid them behind strict privacy settings. It`s scary – what do you do when someone physically threatens you and companies like this have posted your information everywhere for everyone to access? One of my clients at will not stop being harassed by sellers who found us thanks to Rocket Reach. This has been very helpful in solving this problem.

It`s crazy that this can happen. I`ve worked in sales (probably still), so I understand the need to find contacts, but still. Sounds like too much. I know it doesn`t reflect everyone who works in sales. But it`s enough for me to take a pretty tough stand. In response to your concerns, Rocket Reach has informed you that their data is collected and derived from user submissions, public folders, and licensed third parties. Posting false and bad data about me without my permission. Looks like they stole what I post on my Linked In profile. They should not be able to benefit from my intellectual information that I can benefit from or disclose. So they are committing a crime by collecting data on the Internet and selling it without my permission.

Organizations do not always need an individual`s consent to process personal data. Consent is one of six legal bases an organization can rely on to comply with privacy principles, more information can be found here: This company is nothing but a scam! They collect your private information from places like LinkedIn and then sell it. I was bombarded with emails from other shady companies that wanted to do business with me. The only place these companies could have gotten my information is Rocket Reach. Given what other reviewers have said, I won`t contact Rocket Reach to delete my information because it`s useless. Stay away from this company. And stay away from companies that use Rocket Reach, because they`re just as bad. Our favorite tips and tricks to prospect smarter and faster! Could you please tell me how you finally deleted your data from Rocketsearch? Did you provide the information again – name, organization details and email address – and then helped delete your data from Rocketsearch? As soon as I found out I was on this hell database, I tried to get away from it. RocketReach has a small “Do Not Sell My Information” button on their website that allows you to delete your information. But to do that, you need to give them MORE information first so they can check if you`re really asking for your data to be deleted.

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