Is Legally Blonde Good Reddit

It`s not true that all movies should have characters who grow and mature, moving from a fluid form to a more evolved form. These are not “film studies”. It is a tradition. This is an American tradition of filmwriting that is sold and taught as narrative science in American universities and media. That is certainly not the case. There is nothing wrong with going back to tradition over and over again. Tradition can be beautiful. We just shouldn`t be confused. Being really good at producing work that meets the standards of your culture is a real accomplishment. But these standards are not the standards of perfection; only the norms of belonging to a time and a place. It`s so simple at its core, and he realizes exactly what he decided to do. It doesn`t take big stars or bells and whistles to entertain, it`s just a good story that`s well told Legally Blonde was the first movie I`ve ever seen that suggested you might be interested in traditionally feminine things while being super smart and a good professional.

There was a lot of gendered in the 2000s, and Legally Blonde broke the mold. I just saw blonde again legally and I love it. Not only is it funny, but it shows us that you don`t have to change to belong. Although everyone at Harvard Law doubted her and thought she was nothing more than a pretty stupid blonde. She proved to them that she is smart and just as capable, there is nothing wrong with being a fashion major and fighting for what you want. In short, no, you can just watch the musical. But it`s also a good movie, so if you ever have 90 minutes to kill, go for it. It turned out that I loved him. As a bonus, they gave me good fodder to talk to girls in college a few years later. This is a very good point about Vivian, I loved their relationship and how they got closer, but even then, Vivian completely misunderstood Elle`s situation with her teacher. It really shows how deeply internalized misogyny can be, where the first thing she thinks about (if she`s never seen Elle trying to get ahead of anything other than her own hard work) is that she sleeps with the teacher rather than with the beginnings of sexual harassment.

In summary, the character of Elle Woods in the film grows and matures, going from a pretty blonde happy to play a stereotype to a strong and capable young woman, but not at the cost of changing what made us love her in the first place. She succeeds on her own terms: she uses her extensive knowledge of fashion and beauty to win the case, something none of the other lawyers could have done. It doesn`t hurt that she is perfectly played by the radiant Reese Witherspoon, who should have been nominated for the role of best actress. The supporting actors are all great, starring Jennifer Coolidge, Luke Wilson and Selma Blair. The direction is capable, if not inspired, but the script is so strong from beginning to end that the film does not suffer. The story is super solid, it`s incredibly funny and entertaining, and sends a great message: that you can succeed on your own terms and that you don`t have to change who you are to do it. Furthermore, that women should support each other and help each other succeed. Kind! And then Warner breaks up with her because he`s going to Harvard and she`s too blonde (read: stupid) for him because he “needs a Jackie, not Marilyn.” As she succeeds in most other things in her life, she decides to win him back by being accepted into Harvard Law School. She studies for testing and makes a rather unorthodox recording video (she hires a coppola to help her, lol) and is accepted in the name of “diversity” by a bunch of old guys and probably white. Legally blond is also in my favorite movies! I love what you wrote, hahaha Although she is extremely smart and pretty, she works hard to be like this. They show how she trains, drops out of Greek week to study for LSAT, and studies even harder at Harvard to overcome the prejudices people have about her to become first in her class. Of course, most of us can never hope to be as sexy and smart as she is, but the fact that she is the underdog and works for her success allows us all to put down roots for her and imo shows us a positive story of female power.

It also helps that not all the guys in the movie are a full dick (only 3 out of 5 decent guys). I`m a guy and this movie puts me in a good mood. But let`s dig deeper: honestly, we really don`t need to dig that deep – anyone with half a brain should be able to see it, Elle Woods is literally swimming in privilege.

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