Is It Legal to Shoot a Cat on Your Property

I`m referring to a good source: North Shore Animal League America. A visitor asks: Is it legal to kill feral cats in Wisconsin¹? Your best bet for dealing with a pesky cat on your property is to call your local animal welfare agency. Animal control will be able to catch the cat and return it to its owner, take it to a shelter or euthanize it. So, if you plan to kill a cat on your property, you should think about it first: when the fur finished flying, the governor crushed the proposal flatter than Road Kill. “I don`t think Wisconsin should be known as a state where we shoot cats,” said Gov. Jim Doyle, a Democrat. The fact that people are discussing legalizing the slaughter of feral cats proves that it is illegal. Post posters or flyers to alert your community that cats have been injured or killed, that these acts are a crime, and that someone cares about the cats` well-being. You can also consider sharing our materials to educate your neighbors about community cats. What do you know, sit down and who are you, I am annoyed by this happiness comment because I suspect that you are one of those who like to kill things.

I wish I could hunt with you and I would teach you a thing or two about shooting. In fact, I could just shoot you to prove a point. Sound familiar, I think it`s my right to kill you if I`m inclined to do so? I know I could take a picture of a body at the bottom of about 500 meters with the view open, I guess it would be as human as strangling you or drowning you or even breaking your neck or maybe a bayonet in your stomach, do you think that would be human? I am now sitting as you were in your previous quote. Be careful who you talk to about. It could just be a reconnaissance marine ripping off your head and shitting your neck. What do you think? Exactly sir, I would like to see it. Prove it when a person sees an malnourished kitten in their neighborhood, their first instinct is often to stop and help. It is unlikely that the person will carefully consider the legal consequences of their actions before giving food and water to the cat or bringing it to its garage to protect it from the cold.

Will the kind-hearted viewer wonder if feeding the cat will make him the rightful owner of the cat? Will they take into account any rights and obligations that may arise from their care? Lynn Gunter comments on an article with tips on how to keep cats out of your garden. I quoted the act. Now you are quoting me the law that says you can shoot feral cats anywhere in the United States. I leave that challenge to you. In states that have not addressed feral cats in their laws, to what extent can a guardian be held liable for damage caused by feral cats? The answer to this question probably depends on the degree of control the individual has over the cats. In places where groomers or feral cat sitters are considered “owners”, it is entirely possible that a feral cat groomer will be held liable for any damage caused by feral cats. The few cases where this issue has been addressed closely examine proof of ownership to determine the extent to which a keeper or custodian should be held liable. If the damage to property or persons is reasonably foreseeable (i.e.

The keeper knew, or should have known, that the feral cat was likely to damage property or injure people), a court could impose civil liability (pecuniary damages) on animal sitters and caregivers for failing to control the feral cats in their care. The county animal welfare officer, who has 20 years of experience, said, “It`s legal to kill feral cats in Wisconsin… Is she right? I like you to know what you`re talking about and that your heart is in the right place. You really should work for ALDF. Animal Legal Defense Fund. Our tips for successfully catching hard-to-catch cats can help you catch an injured cat safely. Ask for a list of wildlife-friendly veterinarians in your area if you don`t already have one. Make sure the veterinarian documents the cat`s injuries so you can share this information with the police. Confronting animal cruelty can be overwhelming, but cats need your help. As you may know, intentionally harming or killing a cat is illegal, whether it is possessed, lost or not possessed.

The number of cats that must live on the property before this is triggered is not set in stone and relies largely on the number of complaints received. 20 people on the same street who complain about someone with 10 cats will receive more responses from the local authority than 10 complaints about someone who has 20 cats. See also an article on the legality of killing feral cats in Texas: On the website (a large high-traffic website), a visitor asks, “Is it legal to kill stray cats or your cats?” This is the page. It does not appear to be state-specific. If you go to your local authority for help, they will usually tell you that cats cannot enter, so the owners are not responsible and there is nothing they can do – blah blah blah – anything for the quiet life. Feral cats are not pets. When a cat is born in the wild, it is a wild animal. If this wild animal enters my property, I have the right to harvest it. I am also allowed to shoot a pet if it causes a problem on my property. In fact, I am allowed to do it anywhere if I am threatened by the animal. If I saw a domestic cat now, I wouldn`t pull it.

I would try to find another solution. The feral cats on the are another story. First, I will suggest that the laws of other states are similar in wording to the laws of Wisconsin and the AP with similar interpretations. On this basis, shooting feral cats is considered cruel and illegal. Although I hate the Arch Woody troller, he keeps saying that anyone, anywhere in the US, has the right to shoot feral cats (the link opens a new window/tab and shows his comment). Wildcat shooters enjoy the protection of the law, he says. He says it doesn`t take a petition like Ben`s to legalize it.

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