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Apple juice is usually added sugar during processing. Cider is allowed. It should be brown and not light like apple juice. Cider should be diluted with water before drinking. Another name for lecithin that is legal. Eggs contain a large amount of it, but if you do not eat eggs, Swiss chard (red, green, rainbow and Swiss). Swiss chard is similar to spinach/celery, so it`s legal. It also reminds me a bit of the cabbage family, so use it with caution if gas is still an issue – Elaine Don`t use commercial products that contain additives, preservatives, sugar, and other illegal foods for sickle cell disease. As long as you only use Allspice as a cooking spice, it`s legal. Do not use oil, see allspice water, organic mustard seeds, organic vinegar, salt, organic turmeric, organic spices Concentrate juice is usually illegal because when reconstituted, they often add other things (like sugar). Often, additives are not listed on the label It is a polysaccharide that gels in the presence of acid and sugar. It is used as a thickener in jams and occurs naturally in some fruits such as apples. In apples, it`s mostly in the skin, and for someone starting the diet, you usually wouldn`t have too much if you ate an apple because you […] Nielsen-Massey Organic Vanilla Extract: This is something I use almost every time I cook.

Be careful, because the non-organic version of the same brand is not SCD-legal because it contains sugar. If orange juice is only frozen and contains no additives, then it is legal, but frozen orange juice is usually concentrated before freezing and the concentration process makes it illegal to use Maille Dijon mustard from frozen orange juice: it is ideal for making salad dressings and delicious sauces. It contains a preservative: potassium metabisulphite, but my research on this has told me that it is a legal additive for sickle cell disease. As always, moderation is important. Available in most supermarkets. Avocado oil, organic eggs, organic vinegar, sea salt, rosemary extract, red and white wine vinegar as well as white apple cider vinegar and apple cider vinegar are allowed, but check the label for added illegals. Balsamic vinegar is not allowed because it contains added sugar. However, you can make your own legal substitute for balsamic vinegar see scdrecipe Fresh or unsweetened, crushed coconut and coconut flour are all legal. Commercially made hot dogs are usually illegal, but here is a legal recipe on MARILYN`s SCDiet There are many options with LARABAR, but it is necessary to read the label on each as they are not all legal SCD, some have added chocolate. It is an amino acid as long as it is pure without illegal binders, etc., it is legal, as with any new food introduced slowly.

– Seth It`s not a distilled spirit like vodka and it`s distillation that eliminates the illegal – Seth Sweet sake and dry sake still have sugar and in fact dry sake has more sugar than sweet sake, but you can`t taste it because of the acidity. – Kim peanuts in the shell can be carefully tried after 6 months of dieting when diarrhea is gone. Peeled peanuts are illegal. Nuts sold in mixtures are not allowed, as most are roasted with a starch coating. Has starch as an ingredient (usually cornstarch) and other illegal ones to make it grow better. Pellegrino sparkling water: Try this with ice cubes and a slice of fresh lime. You can almost convince yourself that you are drinking a cocktail! It is also a good blender for an occasional SCD legal alcoholic beverage. Pip n`Nut Almond Butter Sachets: These are so convenient when traveling or picnicking instead of having to bring the whole glass of almond butter.

They also make a bag of peanut butter, which is legal SCD, but the coconut and almond butter flavor isn`t because it contains agave syrup. Available in select Dunnes stores or online through Amazon. Sauerkraut, kimchi, cucumbers and other fermented foods are allowed as long as they are made without illegal foods or added sugars. The following is a list of foods that are allowed (legal) and foods that are not allowed (illegal) while following the specific carbohydrate diet™, as described in the book Breaking the Vicious Circle by Elaine Gottschall. ScD™ is a gradual diet and the introduction of many of these foods should be delayed until healing has taken place, please read the book “Breaking the Vicious Circle” for more information. Some general guidelines are, no cereals (e.g., rice, wheat, corn, oats, etc.), no processed foods, no starchy vegetables (e.g., potatoes, yams, etc.), no canned vegetables of any kind, no flour, no sugar, no sweeteners other than honey and saccharin, and no dairy products other than homemade yogurt fermented for 24 hours and prepared according to the instructions of the book. Dill cucumbers are legal as long as they do not contain illegal ingredients; Read labels carefully. DILL PICKLES by Elaine Gottschall Ordinary black tea is legal, but should be weakened.

Instant tea, Ojibwa (Essiac) tea, many herbal teas, bark teas, etc. are full of polysaccharides and are illegal. Peppermint and mint herbal teas are legal, and you can make a tea from ginger, which is also legal. This is the legal/illegal SCD list with the most food and the latest information! This is another term for MSG. Whether it`s legal or not, ™ we should all try to avoid it. Msg can be a powerful neurotoxin. I am not affiliated with any of the following products and I do not receive any commission for this position. All foods are listed simply because they are legal SCD foods that I enjoyed. Wine and whiskey are legal, brandy and sherry are not. For more information on individual alcoholic beverages, visit the Break the Cycle website. If homemade, if only done, if you know they haven`t added any illegals, look below to filter the list of foods from A to Z of good and bad (legal/illegal) foods for sickle cell disease. Click on a meal for more details and to read reviews and share your own.

Although it is not listed with other cheeses on page 140 of Breaking the Vicious Circle, Provolone cheese is legal. Aspall Organic Apple Cider Vinegar: This is a very useful ingredient for salad dressings and marinades. I read that Bragg apple cider vinegar is not legal SCD due to the presence of “the mother”. Although it is very healthy, the presence of “the mother” in a person with IBD can cause abdominal pain. I thought this was true, so Aspall Bio is a good substitute. There are several reasons why it is illegal, see Splenda Sorbitol, Mannitol and Xylitol are all sugar alcohols and are not scripted™ legal. They fall into the category of indigestible carbohydrates and sugars and allow companies to call things “sugar-free” even though they provide nutrients to the bacteria that live in your digestive tract. Fresh pineapple juice, to which no sugar is added, is allowed.

We use Doles unsweetened pineapple juice in the box as it has been checked and does not contain sugar. The juice should be diluted with water before drinking. Thank you – I just found your information after recently being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and sickle cell disease. Excellent reference point as limited information on where to buy food. Very interesting and really appreciated! I assumed that Braggs ACV was legal, but your information is a good lesson for checking labels! Ordinary iodized table salt, although it sometimes contains dextrose, is legal because it is important that most iodized teas and coffee are allowed. For more information, see the Legal/Illegal list on the Break the Cycle website. Always read the label for hidden illegals, as companies can often change their ingredients. It is brown and not light like apple juice. It should only be apples pressed directly. It is usually pasteurized to kill bacteria. Cider should be diluted with water before drinking. All fesh or frozen meats without additives or processing are legal, including beef, lamb, pork, liver, kidneys, oxtail and tongue Pantry primal bars: Only the coconut and macadamia flavor is SCD-legal.

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