Alberta Legal Change of Name

An Alberta resident may have their name legally changed under certain conditions. Please note that legal name changes are usually published in the Alberta Gazette. If you do not wish your name to appear in this publication, you must apply for an order from the Alberta Court of Queen`s Bench. See the app for more information. Contact Vital Statistics directly if you have any questions about retrieving an Indigenous name. Not all name changes require a legal name change by the government. If you were born in Alberta, correcting an error in a birth certificate can be done through a change rather than a legal name change. If you were not born in Alberta, you must apply for a change in the jurisdiction in which you were born. Find out how to legally change your name in Alberta. There are restrictions on personal names when selecting, changing or correcting a legal name on vital statistics certificates and documents. If you adopt a child under the age of 12, you can change the child`s last name at the same time. We recommend contacting Vital Statistics at 310-0000 and then 780-427-7013 (toll-free) if you have any questions about this process, as changing ancestry can be complicated.

Additional requirements may be required if you are married or if you change the name of a minor. Be sure to follow the blue insertion found in all legal name change request forms. The criminal record check or a police information check must be submitted with the application to a registry representation within 30 days of its issuance before the date of commencement of the legislated change of name service. If you used your spouse`s last name and now want to go back to your maiden name, you can do so by presenting your birth certificate or marriage certificate that includes your maiden name. We may use these supporting documents to change your Driver`s Licence, Id Card and Alberta Medicare Card. 5. If you are legally married, you must present a marriage certificate. All original Canadian birth certificates must be presented. If you married in Alberta and do not have a marriage certificate, Vital Statistics accesses the marriage certificate and you do not need to present one. If your marriage certificate is not in English, you must provide a notarized translation. There are many cases where you can legally adopt a different name without having to go through the lengthy and expensive legal name change process.

Your new name must include a first and last name. He must use the English alphabet. It cannot contain numbers, characters other than letters (for example, $) or profanity. It can contain these non-episometric characters: period (.), hyphen (-), or apostrophe (`). A name may be rejected if it creates confusion, embarrasses the person, cheats or misleads the public, or causes insults for other reasons. Documents such as birth certificates submitted with an amendment will be cancelled and replaced free of charge with the indigenous name. Residential school survivors and people who were part of the Sixties Scoop can retrieve their Aboriginal names for free. Submitted birth certificates from Alberta will be replaced free of charge with new Birth Certificates from Alberta that reflect the new name. Parents can change a child`s given (first name) if the child is under 10 years of age. This amendment can be treated as an amendment to the birth certificate. Once your application is approved and processed, a name change certificate with the new name will be created for each person whose name has been changed. Certificates will be mailed to you.

Get electronic fingerprints for anyone 12 years of age or older who changes their name. 6. If you have already legally changed your name, please be prepared to disclose and document any previous name. It may also be possible to change the birth certificate in cases where a biological father and a mother jointly request that the father`s name be included in the birth certificate, in which case the surname may be changed as a change. In Alberta, you don`t have to legally change your name after you get married. You can take a married surname. Legally changing your name in Alberta is a long process, but we`ve helped many people change their legal name, and we can help you too. If you change your parentage in your child`s Alberta birth certificate, you can change your child`s name at the same time if the child is under the age of 18. If you were born in Alberta and do not have a birth certificate, you do not need to present one. If you were born in another province of Canada, you will need to submit your original Canadian birth certificate. The birth certificate will not be returned. Please note that in the event of a legal name change for a child, the parents` names must appear on the birth certificate.

All birth certificates in Alberta issued prior to the processing of a legal name change must be submitted with your name change application. This applies to anyone whose name is legally changed. Descendants such as children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren and residential school spouses/partners and survivors in their sixties are also eligible for name changes. There is a $120 government fee for a legal name change. This fee applies to any name change included in an application form. A person cannot request a name change if: 2. You must also be able to present a valid government-issued ID with your full name, photo, and unique identification number. If the ID contains an expiration date, it must not have expired. If the document does not have an expiry date, it must have been issued within the last 5 years. Examples: driver`s licence, provincial identification card, contract status card, citizenship card, permanent residence card, passport, etc.

If you`ve recently married, you don`t have to go through the legal name change process – just bring your marriage certificate and we can change the name on your driver`s license or ID card. If your marriage certificate is not in English, you must provide a certified translation. If you wish to change your marriage certificate to the new legal name: Our fee for legal name change applications is $205 for one person that includes both the Alberta government fee and our registration fee. We can add additional dependent family members for an additional fee of $10 per person. This fee includes the applicant`s affidavit officer. Photocopies and faxes are not accepted for some documents. Check with the registration agent. You also don`t need to change your legal name if you correct an error in the birth certificate.

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