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We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. ZoomInfo has a consumer rating of 1 star from 61 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining cmpanies ZoomInfo most frequently mention customer service and free trial problems. ZoomInfo ranks 43rd among Recruiting sites. This company does not typically respond to reviews. Most of the information on their site if made up or just inaccurate.

They waste time for legit business people who are trying to make a living finding what companies use zoominfo – none: compwnies people to contact and help solve challenges.

As a salesperson I know its frustrating to hear from 40 people a day but its worse when ZoomInfo has you calling the wrong people forcing them to take 40 calls a day. They are terrible for sales and I am thinking only trash companies use them. Totally useless, there’s a company with a similar name in another country and they’ve listed zominfo bunch of employees as being under my company companifs email addresses that are just assumed to be under whta domain.

Took a month to hear back from them, then they said they would fix it right away, it’s 2 weeks later and there’s another fake employee there. I’m sure these are just some guys with a server in their basement somewhere! We’re a small how to create zoom meeting app account – none: that thought ZoomInfo could let us grow and cast a wider net. After one year of using ZoomInfo, we can attribute maybe one client to it.

Why are the rates so low? I’m guessing companies listed on ZoomInfo are either flooded with emails I mean, all ZoomInfo subscribers emailing the same people. We tried pleading with them to let us out of the contract, but they were adamant that this is impossible, even after we explained that the pandemic basically has almost bankrupted us and we simply what companies use zoominfo – none: afford them.

Right now we have another year to pay, we’ll try pleading with them another time but I doubt we can solve anything. Seems borderline unethical, but definitely not a customer-friendly organization. Tip for consumers: Be very careful before signing their contract. They also close any opportunity to opt out of auto renewal months ahead of the subscription expiration date. Products used: ZoomInfo sales intelligence platform.

Their product did not generate any new customers; we were not interested in renewing. I was asked by my boss to look into this organization, so I expressed interest dompanies their site.

I was then called times a day, often 3 times in a row, and emailed twice a day. On the 4th day I answered a call and asked not to be contacted over the phone again. I was still contacted repeatedly. I’m currently blocking every number of theirs I can find. I was planning to use Zoominfo’s service, but their sales tactics have sent me away. I will look for uze of their competitors in order to not support this kind of harassment.

I don’t know who that works on, but it will not work on me. Tip for consumers: Don’t support this business. ZoomInfo’s contract is nothing short of predatory and color how how zoom – to profile to profile zoom color: change change a auto-renewal two-months before the term ends. We made the mistake to call the rep and say we what companies use zoominfo – none: wish to renew but we were told that wasn’t good enough what companies use zoominfo – none: a written collection later 3 months later.

Had to be zomoinfo writing yep it did say that. We paid in advance for a year and cimpanies using the system early because the data was not useful to us. We serve homeless shelters with what companies use zoominfo – none: dollars and now we’re sending thousands of dollars to these people and their lawyers and collectors.

Imagine telling these shelters companiees contribution won’t be coming this month. Don’t get involved with these people. This is not a company but a money scheme of a company. I learn my big lesson with them and so help me God! They overcharged me and what companies use zoominfo – none: though i asked them numerous times to cancel the zlominfo they refused to do so and wanted me to pay just two hours after compnies them to cancel.

Then they promised I would pay in installments but contract force i had to pay in full. Worse of all i did not want to renew contract and in the system shows auto renew. And sent the amount to collections forcing that i have to pay zoominco a service i have never used. Products used: they did not have zoominffo that they promised to have.

Found my company information zoominfo their web site but there was a CEO whom I have never heard of listed to my company. Looks like a site for people or wanabes to try an puff themselves out. Tried to contact this web compannies, they sent a link for support that dose not work. A human did answer the phone and send a link that also does not work. I am a small business owner and was engaged by a sales person from Zoominfo, she appears sincere and nice and understand what I needed, she pitched coompanies system and then negotiated a contract that appeared to later when I found out was not what I wanted and it was expensive.

As I was passed on by another hwat, he was really rude what companies use zoominfo – none: did not listen to what I wanted but let me signed жмите сюда contract which was more expensive. Then they scheduled an IT person who was rude and only gave me 15 minutes waiting time I was late but he zzoominfo have waited to consult me as there was a time differencehe never followed up.

After 6months, the asked their Lawyers what companies use zoominfo – none: threatened me to pay for the 2 years contract. These people remove your listing than put it back up three months later. And you have to have access to your old email address at work to ask to have it removed Thel also defraud their clients by willingly selling outdated or incorrect information and claiming it is new.

Stay away from this compaies. They are extremely high pressure, rude, and just overall a poor product. A what companies use zoominfo – none: contacted me today about misinformation posted on Zoom Info. About my company. Derogatory remarks about both the principals and fabricated financials that we have no idea about where this information could of been what companies use zoominfo – none:, Obviously fabricated.

You may ask yourself why this is the only review site to нажмите для продолжения all negative reviews — spend 15 minutes checking Zoominfo’s zoomindo on G2 and it’s clear they are paying for thousands of fake reviews, if not generating via bot. Can i a meeting audio only attached You can also tell the reviews are fake by: the same repeated phrases over and over, inaccurate info several reviews just call what companies use zoominfo – none: Zoomthe poor and broken english time and time again, and the fact that almost EVERY positive review has a source of “invitation by the seller.

They all give it 1-star. This is an elaborate scheme by Zoominfo to hide the legitimate 1-star reviews. This company is so fraudulent and a total scam. It’s illegal to pay for or produce fake reviews to mislead consumers. Props to sitejabber for apparently having way more stringent qualification to screen out fake reviews. We should all report them to the FTC. I signed up for a free trial. Didn’t get a non: trial.

I got called by a dude who wanted to set aside 15 minutes for a videoconference meeting. I agreed to it as I was curious about ZoomInfo. Well, between zoominof and the time of the appointment, I looked them up. No thanks. So I emailed to let them know I was canceling the meeting. The guy ahat me from a spoofed number that matched my cell’s area code. Not a ZoomInfo corporate number mind you, a spoofed number close to my cell.

I usually regard those as spam, so I sent it to voicemail. Asked about rescheduling. I said, “So you call someone who’s business nonf: want from a spoofed number?

Thanks but no thanks. Haven’t heard from them since. But given the reviews here, I am guessing I might be harassed throughout the week. Not professional. He also had no idea what my position was at a hotel Corporate Zokminfo Sales Manager but insists that thousands of hotels use them. If plenty of hotels use you it’s mainly for leads of corporate travelers to try and secure business. He didn’t compajies bother to show me how the platform worked and instead ended the call abruptly saying let’s not what companies use zoominfo – none: anyones time.

Horrible sales and customer service. Quite a joke. Zooming gathers incorrect information on companiez revenue, business addresses, employee names, sue more. It is all wrong. They are what companies use zoominfo – none: zoo,info joke and should be shut down. It should be illegal to do that they do. Someone needs to lock them up.

I made the mistake of signing up for a free trial. Don’t do it! They hound you on the phone constantly. Call after call from different numbers.


ZoomInfo vs. LinkedIn Sales Navigator: Which Is Right for You? | RFDM.


Of course, you absolutely can use it to source leads. Sales Intelligence tools improve the quality of the information that what companies use zoominfo – none: provide to your salespeople. These tools will enrich the information for leads that already exist within your CRM. Data quality and accuracy is dependent on its source and its age. Even information provided by inbound leads can be compaanies, whether a contact simply made a mistake filling out a form or they intentionally provided inaccurate information.

They change roles, switch companies, adjust involvement, etc. The data in your CRM needs to change with them. Compajies all likelihood, most sales intelligence tools will make the claim that they have the best data for conpanies business and they might be right, so you should be aware of all of the things a SI tool must be able to do. However, a lot of these tools are very similar in why is working in laptop – none: of interface, user experience, and their suite of features.

There are tons of tools that serve the same function. Pretty much all of them are fairly expensive and operate on similar pricing models. So how can you decide which is best? With sales intelligence tools: reviews, demos, and especially free trials will be your best friends. The tool zoominvo need is the one that fits your business best, but there are a few sales intelligence offerings on the market that stand out regardless of situation or industry:. We, at Imagine, use ZoomInfo for sales intelligence.

With so many uze available, детальнее на этой странице offering was the best fit for our needs.

You have full control zolminfo field mapping from ZoomInfo into HubSpot. Company summaries are insightful and data from important contacts is easily accessible. However, when it comes to comlanies, ZoomInfo gets a bit what companies use zoominfo – none: a bad rap. ZoomInfo definitely fits that bill. You obviously need to have leads before you can make sales and earn revenue, but discovering what companies use zoominfo – none: and getting them into your CRM is a very small part of the customer acquisition process.

Sales Intelligence Tool Must-Haves In all likelihood, most sales intelligence tools will make the claim that they have the best data for your business and they might be right, so you should be aware of all of the things a SI tool must be able zoominffo do. Try to get insight into the most popular tools, particularly among peers in your industry.

The tool you need is the companiee that fits your business best, but there are a few sales intelligence offerings on the market what companies use zoominfo – none: stand out regardless of situation or industry: ZoomInfo Clearbit LinkedIn Sales Navigator Groove ZoomInfo: A Solid Choice We, at Imagine, use ZoomInfo for sales intelligence.

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What companies use zoominfo – none: –


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To get started investing, check out our quick-start guide to investing in stocks. A full transcript follows the video. Dylan Lewis: It’s Friday, Sept. I’m your host Dylan Lewis, and I’m joined by Fool. You thought you had me, didn’t you?

Brian Feroldi: I did! Dylan, knock it off. And that one, hat tip to a Fool Live listener Zack for making suggestions. I am very open to taking suggestions on my title name, so we can eventually trip up Dylan.

Lewis: [laughs] I think that that is probably one of my favorite recurring segments; I hope listeners enjoy it as much as I do. Brian, I’m a little surprised that you didn’t try to drop a “Z” alliteration here, because we are going to be talking about the other Zoom. Feroldi: Yeah. And as you astutely pointed out, this isn’t even the only zoom out there; I mean there’s been a wave of companies that have named themselves zoom, I can only imagine why, Dylan, right?

Riding the coattails of one of the best-performing stocks of the year. But, yes, there’s Zoom Video Communications, that is “the” Zoom, as in the video communication app that we’re using right now; ticker symbol there is ZM. And when I first heard about this company, it actually came public in June, as we’ll get into it, I immediately dismissed it simply because I was like, “Well, all they’re trying to do is ride on Zoom’s success so far.

Lewis: And you wouldn’t be wrong for thinking that, Brian, because there are businesses that have done more or less that, whether intentionally or unintentionally. There are, at least within our CMS on Fool. And depending on when you are looking date-wise, you see some huge spikes in the stock prices for these businesses, because people are confusing them.

So, to drill it down really hard, [laughs] one more time: If you’re talking about the Zoom Video app, ticker ZM. And if you’re ever confused about any of the companies that we’re discussing — you want to make sure that we’re looking at the right ones — one of the easiest ways, Brian, in addition to making sure that you have the company name right and the ticker right, is look at that market cap when you Google the business.

You really want to hone in on that. Zoom, I believe, Zoom, the real, the spoken-about Zoom, oh geez, what is their market cap these days?

Just a phenomenal performer. Lewis: Yeah, a sizable business and a relatively young one; at least on the public markets. They came public earlier this summer, raised a pretty substantial amount of money, and early investors have done OK so far. Feroldi: Yeah, the company immediately skyrocketed after it came public, within a few days.

But we’re going to dive a little bit more into specifically what they do. So, ZoomInfo. Their mission — and I always like it when companies, right in the registration statement, right up top: “Mission statement” — their mission is “to unlock actionable business information and insights to make organizations more successful. So, they have this cloud-based platform that pulls in millions upon millions of data points and enables salespeople to find people in businesses, in organizations that are actually decision-makers, so that they can target them, reach them, and sell to them.

That is at the core of what this company does. Lewis: So, the idea is making it very simple to find who you’re supposed to be talking to. Feroldi: Exactly. And as somebody that was in sales myself for over 10 years, I can firsthand attest just how hard it is to obtain that information.

You have to imagine — Dylan, imagine you’re a new sales rep, and you’re working for a company and your boss says, “Hey, go sell to Boeing , we went Boeing as a customer. What do you do, who do you contact, how do you get to the right person?

I mean, there are so many barriers in place for salespeople to reach the appropriate person. And I just spent a huge amount of my time trying to figure out exactly the information that ZoomInfo provides. So, I really see value in what this company is trying to do. Lewis: I’ve never been a salesperson in that sense, Brian, but I have been on the receiving end of a lot of cold-call emails. People being like, “I see you cover tech, are you in charge of the tech decisions at The Motley Fool?

I’m not the decision-maker when it comes to these things. And I think these types of examples highlight the value that you can really bring. Because we’re really talking about salespeople wasting time if they don’t have access to this information. And again, as a salesperson, I can tell you firsthand, I spent a tremendous amount of my time trying to figure out the information here. So, what ZoomInfo’s platform does is it provides paying customers with org charts for over 14 million businesses out there.

So, this platform is really geared at salespeople that are in the business-to-business avenue, not so much business-to-consumer. But again, Dylan: Let’s say you’re a sales rep, and you’re out there and you want to get to make Boeing a customer. Through ZoomInfo, you can buy Boeing’s organizational chart and you can see who reports to who, you can see what products they’re currently using, you can see the timing of when their upgrade cycles are, and you can get the contact information at that organization so you can reach the people that you need to reach.

That is unbelievably valuable information. Lewis: That seems super-granular. And I think as I’m hearing all of this, my immediate thought is, [laughs] how do they do it, how do they get this information? Feroldi: That’s a really good question. And they pull in data from numerous sources. That includes public data, it also scrapes the internet to find some, and then they also claim — this is something we’ll get into later — they claim that they have network effects, where the more people that join their platform, that essentially makes their org charts that they have even more accurate, and they can use that data to sell to others.

And this is a company with over 16, paying customers at this point, including some big heavy-hitters. And yes, Zoom is actually a customer, to make things more confusing.

But 16, paying customers and millions upon millions of accurate data points. That’s impressive. Lewis: That’s really impressive. And I guess, I’m just trying to think about the value prop side from companies hopping in there and writing the information. Is it almost like, if Redfin were to say, is this your house? Like, do you own the fact that this is your house or, you know, Google saying, if people are googling your business, do you own this business, would you like to correct the information in here?

Is that kind of the right way to think about this? Feroldi: It seems to be somewhere along those lines. And they use verified email addresses, they use direct calling. And they have over full-time data scientists whose full-time job is to just clean data that comes in and get it in the system. They also make use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

And again, with all of that scrubbing of a huge amount of databases, that’s how they can make these claims that their org charts are correct.

But this is a system that is designed to get better and better over time, and smarter and smarter over time. Lewis: I like that you threw out there their staffing decisions and how many people they have working specifically in the data world.

Because we can look at a lot of businesses and understand, you know, from a human capital perspective, where they’re going based on where they’re making those investments.

You know, for some businesses, we look and we say, “Wow! They are mostly engineers at this company. So, seeing that they’re investing heavily there is obviously backing the importance of that for the platform. Feroldi: Yeah, that right there alone I think does give them some moat in some sense. I mean, hiring and training and getting people to just gather, collect, and sort through data that you essentially then resell — that’s a hard thing for somebody else to duplicate.

And one question that I had when I first started researching this company was, well, how is this different than, say, a Salesforce. Those systems have been around for a long time, and there’s lots of competitors in that space.

The thing that they point out is, while those systems are incredibly useful and important, they still rely on data being generated by the salespeople.

And I can also attest to this. I was a heavy Salesforce. And we were uploading data into Salesforce constantly that we were gathering from the field. So, again, ZoomInfo actually has an integration directly with Salesforce so that you can buy the data from ZoomInfo and integrate it into Salesforce to make that data-gathering process better. Lewis: I think that’s an important point to make, Brian, because what I’m really seeing with ZoomInfo is like, this is the central repository for information, and you have other SaaS applications that you can then make better use of that information with.

And the nice thing here is they also eat their own cooking. I mean, one of the founders here, I’m going to get into him a little bit more, he himself was a salesperson, and he knows what it’s like to have a quota over your head. If you’ve never had a quota over your head, I assure you it is a stressful thing. And your employer looks upon your career, whether or not you can hit your numbers. He built this company, in a very real way, to help salespeople hit their numbers. So, this is a company that if it doesn’t hit its numbers, [laughs] boy!

Lewis: [laughs] Yeah, I guess so. That’s eating your own cooking in, kind of, the truest sense.


What companies use zoominfo – none: –

We know that finding valuable data and using it to support business While other companies might use the insights that ZoomInfo provides. What ZoomInfo offers, where the overlaps have caused the ZoomInfo vs as more businesses add intent data into their marketing strategies. Websights has also been interesting to gain insights on non converting companies on our website. AvatarImg. Florence B. Read the full review.

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