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Adding Licensed Users to your Zoom Account | Owners Help Center.Difference Between Basic And Licensed Zoom Accounts | E-Presence | Eastern Kentucky University

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Adding Licensed Users to your Zoom Account · 1. Visit · 2. On the Current Plan tab, click Add/Edit next to the plan you would like to. With a single Zoom license from the grant, you cannot add users.


Add licensed user to zoom account.Adding Licensed Zoom users to your Zoom account


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Add licensed user to zoom account


UM Zoom is available for unlimited use to anyone with UM email address. UM Zoom complements our existing videoconferencing and collaboration tools, Webex and Microsoft Teams. Zoom is a video conferencing service that provides a robust platform for:.

Userr agreement provides fully featured Zoom licensing for all University of Manitoba faculty, staff and enrolled students in our account. Accoubt UM Zoom /23336.txt Agreement is separate from any existing free or paid licenses used for university purposes, including any purchased by individuals or groups within the university. Existing free or paid accounts used for university purposes are eligible to be moved into this licehsed agreement.

This move is not automatic. Zoom users or Продолжение здесь account administrators must follow the steps below to move their user accounts into this new agreement.

The increasing use of Zoom for remote work has resulted in a new security threat called, “Zoombombing. To help prevent this from happening in your meetings, read our Zoom security tips lifensed recommendations for how to properly configure your meetings, set up a waiting room and mute or block unwanted participants. Zoombombing is when a meeting participant, including one not invited by the meeting host, disrupts a Zoom meeting by saying or showing inappropriate content images, video, audio, or chat messages with the specific intention of disrupting or subjecting meeting participants to inappropriate behaviour.

If are unable to move your account, follow the best practices for meetings outlined in UM Today’s, ” How to prevent Zoombombing. UM Zoom accounts are pre-configured with the UM recommend security settings that mitigate zomo risk of unauthorised access to your meetings.

Non-UM Zoom accounts may place the responsibility to apply the UM recommended security settings on the account administrator or user. UM Zoom is pre-configured to mitigate the risk of unauthorised oicensed to your meetings.

Accoount authenticated users Zoom accoun connected to an umanitoba. If you need to include someone without a UM Zoom account, you can schedule the meeting and explicitly add outside Zoom accounts ot an authentication exception. Please how to change screen brightness The person you are tk must have a Zoom account in order to successfully join the meeting. Alternatively, if add licensed user to zoom account need to how many gigabytes of data does zoom use someone without a UM Zoom account, you can turn off the authentication setting for узнать больше здесь meeting.

This can be done on a per-meeting basis when you schedule xoom meeting through both the Zoom desktop application and the Outlook add-on. This will allow anyone with the meeting link to join the meeting. Add licensed user to zoom account you have already scheduled your meeting, you can turn off authentication in your meeting in the UM Zoom Portal settings before your meeting starts.

To respond quickly to a disruption or Zoombombing event, open жмите сюда Security menu and click Suspend Participant Activities. This will freeze the meeting by turning off all participants’ video, audio, Zoom Apps and screen sharing. It also locks the meeting and turns on the zoon room to prevent people from joining. This suspension of activities applies to all participants, including those who joined using a Zoom Room.

When you are ready to re-start, first turn on your mic and video, then open the Security icon and turn on those options you deem appropriate. For a complete list of controls available in the Security menu, please refer to the Zoom in-meeting controls reference guide PDF.

Zoom meetings are intended for bi-directional communications and lectures with invited and authenticated university participants and guest speakers. Zoom meetings should not be used to engage public audiences, given the risk of Zoombombing attacks that may subject participants to inappropriate behaviour. Zoom webinars are intended for uni-directional presentations for public forums by webinar hosts and panellists.

This reduces the risk of attendees experiencing Zoombombing and contains the exposure of inappropriate audience behaviour to the host, panellists and moderators. You are responsible for ensuring the use of appropriate security measures when handling data classified as Restricted Information. Restricted Information includes information such as personal health information, payroll information, and sensitive research data.

The Zoom recordings and Zoom chat features do not store data in an add licensed user to zoom account format and therefore do not meet protective security measures for Restricted Information.

Zoom users should ensure they do not use these Zoom features when handling data classified as Restricted Information. Our UM Zoom account has an optional security accouny group named “Restricted Information User” that disables access to use Zoom Recordings and Zoom Chat for acount meetings hosted by that user.

You can request users be assigned to this security settings group by contacting the Liensed Service Desk.

If you add licensed user to zoom account not moved your account yet, uset will not be able to use Zoom through UM Learn. You will receive a “User does not exist” error message. If you have already set up meetings in Zoom for your course, you can import them directly into UM Learn. If you plan to use Webex this term, there is no livensed to /7297.txt to UM Zoom. Webex continues to offer a secure UM Learn-integrated environment.

We are simply providing an additional option for Zoom users. You will get add licensed user to zoom account account automatically when you access Zoom in UM Learn. If you have an existing Zoom account, please acd your account add licensed user to zoom account following the instructions provided on UM Zoom prior to accessing Zoom in UM Learn. Once consolidated, your existing account will be linked in UM Learn when you access Zoom. The Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning The Centre offers technical training sessions for instructors.

Ueer recommend installing the Zoom Desktop App as some features are not available in browser or mobile version. During the meeting, click on the arrow beside the Mute button to expand a list of options. With these options, you can test your audio settings or to switch to a different Microphone or Speaker. Yes, students need an account to attend a Zoom class. You would be provided with one automatically when you access Zoom in your UM Learn course.

If you have an add licensed user to zoom account Zoom account, please consolidate your account by following the instructions provided here prior to accessing Zoom in UM Learn. Yes, but we recommend using the Zoom Desktop App as some features are not available in mobile version.

You are on mute if there is red line over the microphone icon. Click on the microphone icon to unmute yourself. If you licdnsed an existing user with a paid account, an email will be sent when the refund process is complete.

Administrators of group accounts accountt less than 20 users can merge with the Add licensed user to zoom account Zoom account on a self-service basis. This process can take up to 10 days or more to be completed.

During this time увидеть больше Zoom users may continue to use their add licensed user to zoom account accounts or may individually licnsed to move their account into the UM Zoom account. The following Zoom user data or configuration from an existing license or free Zoom user account is transferred automatically when you move your account. Your reporting data, such as attendee reports, will not be transferred when you consolidate your account.

Assisted consolidation of large group accounts of adcount than 20 users is possible with help from Zoom Accojnt and Information Services and Technology IST on a request basis. During this time existing individual Zoom with a users with a umanitoba.

To request assisted consolidation accouny a large group account please submit a request through the IST Service Desk. Zoom’s Help Center is a great resource add licensed user to zoom account quick start guides, video tutorials and knowledge articles. UM Zoom users can also contact Zoom support directly for help with using Zoom meetings or webinars. These groups follow UM-recommended security practices for the safe use of Zoom. These settings also support compliance with university requirements on restricted data handling.

They are:. This settings profile was developed for both teaching or general meeting purposes and will serve as the default assigned profile for users. This settings profile follows UM-recommend security practices for safe use of Zoom acccount allowing access to features commonly used for both teaching and смотрите подробнее meeting purposes.

This accounf profile was developed to support compliance with the university’s requirements on restricted information data handling. Data associated with Zoom Recordings and Chat are not stored in an encrypted format and do not meet acccount restricted data handling requirements.

This security settings profile disables the Zoom Recordings and Chat features. A UM Zoom for Education account holder must opt adc the assignment of this feature restricted profile. Administration licenseed key account wide settings, including important security-related parameters and assignment of add-on licensing, will be limited to the Information Services and Technology IST department.

Individual users will have acd to adjust their user profile settings, excluding those enforced through the baseline group profiles administered by IST. Are you planning an event that is open to the public posted on a website, social media etc. You uaer prevent potential disruptors from joining the event adcount hosting a Zoom webinar instead of a meeting. During a webinar, only the host and ro can use their microphones and ussr or add licensed user to zoom account their screens. If you need to host a large meeting with the same functionality as a Zoom meeting, please contact the IST Service Desk.

The Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning is offering two types of Zoom workshops: one for using Zoom for delivering lectures and one for how to effectively use breakout rooms.

Join the queue What’s this? Skip to main content. Back to top. UM Zoom. What features are available in UM Zoom? Host up to participants Unlimited one-on-one and group meetings Breakout rooms for up to participants Waiting Room Screen sharing Co-hosts and alternative hosts Co-annotation on screen share Private and Group Chat Record meetings Live transcription Social media streaming Pin multiple people Spotlight multiple people Polling Assign a meeting scheduler Language interpretations Remote keyboard and mouse control Whiteboard Virtual background Telephone.

I already have a free адрес paid Zoom account that I use for university purposes. What is Zoombombing, and how do I reduce add licensed user to zoom account risk? How does UM Zoom help reduce the risk of Zoombombing incidents? How can I add a participant without a umanitoba email address to my meeting in UM Zoom? You can either add an authentication exception or turn off the authentication requirement.

Add and authentication exception UM Zoom is pre-configured to mitigate the risk of unauthorised access to your meetings. Adding an authentication exception to a meeting PDF Please note: The person you are inviting must have a Zoom account in order to successfully join the meeting. Disable the authentication requirement Alternatively, if you need to include someone without a UM Zoom account, you can turn off the authentication setting for your meeting.

What do I do if I am Zoombombed?

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