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Can you set up a waiting room for a zoom webinar

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Can you set up a waiting room for a zoom webinar –

Jan 25,  · Webinar does not have a waiting room feature. If you are looking to only let in panelists and not attendees prior to the webinar, the practice session option would be the way to go for this use case. Please take a look at the following link for more info: Webinar Practice Session If this was helpful, please click Accept as Solution below! 0 Likes. Dec 15,  · Although webinars do not have a Waiting Room, you can still place a panelist on hold, which functions the same way as placing them into the waiting room. Start a webinar as the host. Click on Participants in the host controls. Hover over the name of the panelist you want to put on hold. Click More, then Put on Hold. The Participants list will now indicate that this . webinar without allowing attendees to join until everything is set up and ready for the event to start o Host will have a. Broadcast. button on their screen only; once ready host clicks broadcast and all attendees waiting in the waiting room will automatically enter the Zoom o. Note: Waiting room in Zoom webinar does NOT allow any slide show or music.


– Can you set up a waiting room for a zoom webinar

For example, if a user from Zoom Health /29669.txt to join a Zoom IU user’s meeting, and the Zoom IU user has the waiting room enabled with Guest participants only selected, the Zoom Health user will be sent to the waiting room. Ensure removed participants are unable to rejoin meetings Log into Zoom. You can require all participants to be logged into their Zoom accounts before accessing your Zoom meeting room. To edit an existing Can you set up a waiting room for a zoom webinar meeting, click on the name of your Zoom meeting and then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Edit this meeting. You can configure your meeting so individuals can’t attend unless they have registered. Once enabled, anyone in your meetings, including your participants, can annotate the screen share.

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