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Additional context I have also tried the below sample code below to start a meeting without zoom login but it нажмите для продолжения shows loader for seconds then nothing happens. Any user can join an ongoing meeting without logging in if they have the meeting number and password:.

However, a user must be authenticated to start a meeting. Or can we have any working code snippet to generate ZAK Token? In the API we нажмите сюда have a user id to pass how to start zoom meeting without account – none: user id we have to pass?

Token generation is paid processor how to start zoom meeting without account – none: I mean it required any premium plan to generate? We are hoping to provide code samples of this in the future, but do not have them handy right now. The above code only works if we have created our account with email only and password.

Is there any solution for this? Because almost all users are creating their zoom accounts using Gmail or Facebook. Please give solution for this as soon as извиняюсь, how to conduct zoom meeting in mobile – how to conduct zoom meeting in mobile: информация. If signing into Zoom requires using google or facebook, then no this will not work. This will only allow a Zoom email address as in the email address used to sign into Zoom and a Zoom password.

This topic was automatically closed 30 days after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed. Is it possible to start and join zoom meetings without login? Description Is it possible to start and join zoom meetings without login? Hey therapysuccessThanks for using the dev forum! I want to start meeting without login with the working way. Please provide detailed guidance for that. The main goal is i want to start meeting 1 to 1 user meeting without any login credentials process. Hey therapysuccessIf signing into Zoom requires using google or facebook, then no this will not work.

I can help to create some sample code for this if I have time this week.



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Zoom Meetings : This cloud-based software enables the user to host and conduct online video meetings with participants. How to Update a Scheduled Meeting in Zoom? To edit and save a scheduled upcoming meeting, you need to: Open the Zoom app and sign in. Click on Meetings and then, Upcoming Tab.

Choose the meeting you need to edit and click Edit. How to Schedule a Recurring Zoom Meeting? Choose a calendar Google Calendar or Outlook Select the recurrence you want. Finalize and click Save to schedule a recurring Zoom meeting. How to Start Cloud Recording? To start cloud recording a Zoom meeting, you need to: Click the Record button at the bottom of the screen. Click on Record to the Cloud to start recording.

How to Designate an Alternative Host? You can assign an alternative host in a few easy steps: Click on the Schedule icon. From the scheduler window, choose Advanced Options. Enter a name in the Alternating Host field. Click Schedule. How to Enable Screen Sharing on Zoom? Follow the two steps to enable screen sharing: Click on the Share Screen button on the meeting controls. Then choose the Basic or Advanced screen share option depending on your needs.

Enable extra features from the bottom-left corner, such as share sound or share to breakout rooms. Finally, click Share to start screen sharing. Does Zoom Remove the 40 Minute Limit? You can also look for other video conferencing software with more acceptable time limits. Google Meet Google Meet is a video conferencing service developed by Google. Key Features 60 minute meeting limit for a group video call with participants. Provides closed captions for video calls. Switches layout and screen to show most active meeting participants.

Pricing Google Meet offers a free trier. Customer Reviews Capterra : 4. A way to pre-specify who will run the meeting on your behalf instead of the host. Both the host and the alternate host must be licensed users. Also , the users that can be specified are limited to users in the same tenant. Since the alternate host is treated the same as a normal host, you can start and manage a meeting with the waiting room enabled or a meeting that does not allow participation before the host without any restrictions.

This is a method of acquiring host authority by the participants themselves after attending the meeting. The shared user will be able to gain host privileges at all meetings on that host. This method is best used when the scheduler of the meeting and all alternative hosts are appropriate participants in the session as hosts and when the scheduler has no conflicting concurrent Zoom meetings scheduled.

How can we help? Search IT Cornell Go. Do not use the alternative host option to facilitate the scheduling of many Zoom meetings by one user, particularly if the meeting times are concurrent or overlap.

For details about issues that may arise when a scheduler owns more than one concurrent Zoom meeting, visit Problem: Meeting Owner Cannot Have Concurrent Meetings in Zoom.


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Marketplace requirements and experience Reading through this section, I go understand why you asked if it would be better to post in another category. Starting a meeting with a non-logged-in user Meeting SDK. With the current setup, this distinction is no longer as important /17129.txt make, so we can definitely consider changing the naming convention here.

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