How to Schedule a Zoom Recurring Meeting: Desktop, Mobile, and Web

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How to set up a recurring zoom link

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Visit the Zoom web portal from your computer or phone. Meeting can be found by clicking on the links in the navigation menu. Click Schedule a Meeting. Check the box for Recurring meeting located just below the Time Zone option.

Edit the recurrence. You can: Select a recurring option if you are required to attend a meeting frequently. Unlike other Zoom integrations, we create an entirely unique URL for each new user who joins your Zoom class. Any URLs you set to host your meetings can be extended. If Zoom creates a unique Join URL for every new meeting, the Zoom integration creates this URL and sends it to the customer who joined the online class when it was launched, no matter what class they joined.

Each of your meetings needs a URL that is the same. By restarting the same meeting ID, you would receive a message from this, saying it would remain valid for 30 additional days. A meeting ID that does not have a renewal is valid for less than 30 days after it begins or does not expire. Restarting the meeting ID after 30 days will let you access your meeting profile. Meetings will run through the expired meeting ID days after they start.

If you are planning on attending the meeting again, you should use the meeting ID. Zoom allows you to schedule meetings that repeat and retain the same meeting ID and settings when each occurrence occurs.

Meetings can be scheduled in weekly, monthly, or daily installments. There must be no matching of the different parts of your personal URL. Links that are made under a common name cannot be used for your own purposes. Opening Hours : Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm. Click on the Zoom web portal to get started. Click Profile. Click Customize next to Personal Link in order to customize. Make sure you select your ID and link you want to create your account. Click Save Changes.

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