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Can I schedule more than one Zoom meeting at the same time?

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From the second device, select Join. Joining multiple meetings is relatively simple, once the feature is enabled. To be able to edit at the individual level, it will need to be enabled at the admin level. Thus the need of attending two zoom meetings at the same time come into the picture. With the pandemic, online meetings have been the only option for the team members to communicate, there are times where members need to communicate with two teams members at the same time. Bort Community Champion. For instance, we have successfully run and recorded to cloud 5 concurrent meetings each with a different alternative host on one user account.


Join Multiple Zoom Meetings Simultaneously on Desktop | Division of Information Technology

Licensed users on Business, Education, and Enterprise accounts can host up to 2 meetings at the same time. Both meetings need to be started by the original. The feature to join multiple meetings simultaneously from the Zoom desktop client allows users to participate in or monitor multiple meetings at the same time.


How to Join Multiple Zoom Meetings Simultaneously | ASU’s Learning Management System – Quick Tips


In Zoom, you can schedule meetings with multiple occurrences, so the meetings follow similar s, so that each occurrence uses the same meeting ID and settings. These meetings can be scheduled according to a daily, weekly, or monthly schedule. If the meeting ID is not renewed immediately preceding or before the scheduled time, it expires 30 days after it is scheduled. Every meeting ID on recurring agenda will expire days from the previous meeting id, regardless of the last meeting.

It is possible to reopen the meeting ID once more if a similar occurrence occurs. By default, Zoom uses that link. Through our Zoom integration, we will set that unique URL so it can be sent straight to each member who joins your online class. Every meeting can be listed in the same URL if necessary. Using the same meeting link to restart a meeting after waiting 1 minute after meeting times are announced may be the most convenient.

The recurring meeting ID expires days after the next time the meeting is held. If you are planning on attending the meeting again, you should use the meeting ID. Opening Hours : Mon – Fri: 8am – 5pm. You can join multiple Zoom meetings simultaneously so long as you are not hosting more than one. Use this option carefully, making sure to pay attention to when you are muted and unmuted in each meeting.

For more information, see Joining multiple meetings simultaneously on desktop. This option was enabled for the University of Michigan account on July 21, If you are hosting 2 meetings at once, you cannot join any other meetings you are not hosting.

Search Articles. Tags zoom meeting host simultaneous simultaneously concurrent. Resolution You can join multiple Zoom meetings simultaneously so long as you are not hosting more than one. To join multiple Zoom meetings simultaneously: Turn on Join different meetings simultaneously on desktop in your Zoom settings Join the meetings however you normally join meetings, such as by entering the meeting ID in your Zoom client or by clicking a link on your calendar.

Hosting Concurrent Meetings: You may host two concurrent meetings, but you as the true host of those sessions must launch both meetings.

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